OBJECTIVE OF GLOW: The objective of Glow is to be the player with the most bursts of light collected in order to dispel the darkness and win the game. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Meeting Track, 30 Dice, 8 Large Tokens, 90 Small Tokens, 53 Cards, and 1 Journey Board 

TYPE OF GAME: Dice Rolling Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


In Glow, each of the players will act as an adventurer who pairs as an entrepreneur, building their company from the ground up. They will recruit new workers, making sure to hire individuals that have different skills to make it the best it can be. Players must try to dispel the darkness that has taken over the land, each player should create the brightest Glow that they can.  


To begin setup of Glow, players will choose which side of the board that they will continue to play on. Every player will choose an adventurer to represent them throughout the course of the game, collecting the element that corresponds to the board that they chose. On the board, all of the dice are placed, five large ones and one small one. Any of the unused adventurers are placed back into the box.  

The footprint tokens, reroll tokens, and firefly tokens are placed next to the board in three separate piles. All of the spell tokens are shuffled and form a pile facedown. The packs of companion cards are shuffled, and three cards are pulled out of each. The first player is randomly chosen by the group, and they will collect the first player token. The player to the right of them will collect two reroll tokens.  

The beginning player will roll nine of the small dice. Depending on their result, they are placed on the corresponding spaces of the meeting track. If the purple die has the footprint on it, then the first player will reroll it. A footprint token is placed on all of the spaces that do not have a die on them.  


Glow consists of eight rounds of gameplay. Each round will represent a day, consisting of morning, late morning, noon, afternoon, and evening. After each portion has been completed, a new day is able to begin. The goal of the game is to earn as many bursts of light as possible. Players may lose or earn bursts by playing certain cards with effects or by rolling the correct combination of yellow and black dice.  

To begin the day, each player will take a turn recruiting a companion. Then, they will roll the dice and use any of their rerolls during the late morning. By noon, the players will resolve any of their cards, depending on the results of their dice. Continuing their journey through the afternoon, the players will move their group or one of their boats across the board, depending on how they rolled.  

By the end of the round, or evening time, the players will replace their small dice, and they will reset the game so that the next day may begin. The game will continue in this manner until eight days of gameplay have been completed, morning through evening.  


The game comes to an end when round eight comes to an end. The players will then complete a final count. Players will tally their collection of bursts of light on their adventurers. They will then progress along the score track with the same amount of spaces equal to the number of lights that they have in their village. On islands where the players have their boats, they will count the bursts of light found there.  

Fireflies and footprints are tallied. The player with the most points, and the most progression along the track wins the game!  

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