OBJECTIVE OF HIGH 14: Be the first player with 250 points

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 – 6 players

NUMBER OF CARDS: 56 Rook playing cards

RANK OF CARDS: 1 – 13, trump 1 – 13, 14’s

TYPE OF GAME: Trick taking



High 14 is a trick taker for 3 – 6 players which uses a 56 card Rook deck.  It incorporates a unique card order in which all of the 14’s rank higher than all of the other numbers including those in the trump color. Also, 14’s are not count cards in this game.  Players earn points for capturing tricks, 5’s and 10’s.    In his original publication, George Parker suggests that games including four players be played in teams.


 Grab a Rook deck and remove the 20 point Rook card.  It will not be used.  The dealer cuts the deck to determine the trump color for the round.

Shuffle and deal out all of the cards evenly.  In a three or six player game, the last two cards will be dealt face down to the center of the table.  These cards are captured along with the first trick.



The player left of the dealer plays any card to lead the trick.  Following players must play a card in the same color if they can.  If they can’t match the color, they play any card.  Players also have the option to play a 14 of any color at any time regardless of whether they can match the color led or not.

The highest ranking card in the color led, or the highest ranking trump colored card, or a 14 captures the trick.  The player that captures the trick leads.  


14’s are ranked higher than any other card including cards of the trump color.  When more than one 14 is played to a trick, the 14 that matches the color of the card led captures the trick.  If no such 14 is played, the first 14 played captures the trick.  

For example, Player 1 leads the trick with a red 4.  Player 2 plays a yellow 14.  Player 3 plays a red 14.  The red 14 captures the trick because it matches the color of the lead card.  However, if Player 3 plays a green 14, it is Player 2 that captures the trick because they played the 14 first.

Trump color has no effect on 14’s.  The trump colored 14 does not rank higher than any other 14.  

After all of the tricks have been played, it is time to tally up the score for the round.  Continue playing rounds until one player wins.


Players earn 5 points for each trick captured.  5 points are also earned for each 5 card captured, and 10 points are earned for each 10 card captured.


The first player to earn 250 points wins the game.

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