OBJECTIVE OF HYDRAPONG: The objective Hydrapong is to get rid of all of your team’s cups before the other team. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Hydrapong Set, Plastic Cups, and Ping Pong Balls 

TYPE OF GAME: Pool Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 5 and Up 


Hydrapong is an interesting twist on Beer Pong. Instead of using a table, the players will use the Hydrapong set in the pool. This giant floating set allows the players to enjoy their time in the pool while also enjoying the typical pong experience.  


To setup the game, simply place the floating set in the pool. In each space, place one of the plastic cups. The players will stand on opposite sides of the set, on the same side as their team. The game is ready to begin. 


The players will then follow typical Beer Pong rules when playing the rest of the game, attempting to empty all of their cups before the other team. Using ping pong balls to score their cups, the teams will take turns until one team has all of their cups emptied.  


 The game comes to an end when a team gets rid of all of their cups. This team is the winner! 

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