OBJECTIVE OF IT’S TURBO TIME: Be the player with the most points at the end of the game  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players 

CONTENTS: Live Action Turbo Man Figure, 16 Toy Tiles, 36 cards, 4 reference cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 7+ 


It’s Turbo Time is a trick taking card game for 2 – 4 players.  Each trick, players will play a card that determines in which order they will perform special actions and draw tiles from the toy shelf.  Players will be able to peek at toys, flip them right side up, and swap with other toys on the shelf or in their opponents’ carts.  At the end of the final trick, whoever has the most points based on toys in their cart wins the game. 


Out of the box, players get one Action Man figuring that is used to determine who has the lead for each trick.  There are 16 toy tiles that will earn the players points.  The 36 card deck contains cards ranked numbers 1 – 36.  


From the toy tiles, remove four Boosters.  Shuffle up the remaining tiles and organize them into a 3×4 grid.  All of the tiles should be face down.  This grid is referred to as the shelf.   

Give each player one Booster and place any remaining Booster tiles back into the box.  They will not be used for the game.  Each player takes their Booster and places it face down in front of them.  This begins their toy tile row which is referred to as their cart.   

Shuffle the deck and eal five cards to each player.  Be sure that opponents do not see each other’s hands.  The rest of the cards are placed face down with room beside them for a discard pile. 


The player who was given a gift most recently gets to go first.  They take the Turbo Man figure to start the game.  Each trick has 5 steps: Play a card, use card powers, take toys, turbo time, and draw.  


The player with the Turbo Man figure plays any card from their hand to the trick.  Continuing left, each player also plays any card from their hand.   


Each card power is resolved in order from highest ranking card to lowest.  There are five card powers.   

Swap allows the player to swap any two toys.  They can be on the toy shelf or in a player’s shelf.  The toy tiles must remain face up or face down – whichever directions they were facing before swapping.  Also, the tiles must be placed in the exact location of the title they are swapping with. 

Flip allows the player to turn any face up tile face down or any face down tile face up.  Face up tiles remain face up until a power causes them to be turned face down. 

Shuffle forces the player to turn any tiles in their cart face down and shuffle them up to create a new row.  Remember, players can look at the toys in their cart at any time before and after shuffling. 

Peek let’s the player peek at any three toys including toys on the shelf or in other players’ carts. 

Peek and Swap allows the player to peek at one toy and then swap any two toys.  The player does not have to swap a toy they peeked at. 


The person who played the highest-ranking card gets to take a toy from the shelf. Then, the player with the second-highest card takes a toy. The chosen toy is added to their cart. It must be played to the furthest right in the cart. In a two player game, both players will take a toy, but the person who played the highest card gets to peek at a tile before choosing one. They do not have to take the tile they peeked at.


Whoever played the lowest gets to take the Turbo Man figurine.  Then, they can choose any cards from their hand to discard that they wish.  This will allow them to draw more cards in the next step.  They will also lead the next trick. 


The trick is discarded, and players draw back up to five cards.  If the deck runs empty, shuffle the discard pile and turn it over to form a new draw pile. 

The game continues as described until all of the toys are taken from the shelf.   


When the last toy is taken from the shelf, the game is over.  All of the players flip over the toys in their cart and determine their score for the round.   

Turbo Man is worth 10 points. 

The Lottery Ball is worth 8 points. 

The Gift Certificate is worth 5 points. 

Turbo Man deducts 5 points from the player’s score. 

Dementor is worth 3 points, but if the player has one or more Demond, he is worth 6 points. 

Demons are scored based on how many the player has: 1[2pts], 2[10pts], 3[15pts], 4[20pts]. 

Booster’s points are also determined by how many the player has: 1[2pts], 2[4pts], 3[9pts], 4[16pts], 5+[25 pts]. 


The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.  If there is a tie, the player with the most toy tiles wins. 

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