OBJECTIVE OF KAPAGA:  Be the last player to reach 2000 points or more 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 6 players


RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – King (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Shedding

AUDIENCE: Kids, Adults


Kapaga is a hand shedding game played similarly to Crazy Eights but with some key differences.  Many of the cards have special actions, and this game incorporates a single Joker.  The biggest difference is how cards are scored and how the game is won.  In this game, players earn points for the cards remaining in their hand.  Players that earn more than 2000 points are booted from the game.  The last player remaining wins.


 Using a 52 card deck and a single Joker, shuffle and deal five cards to each player.  Deal seven in a two player game.  In future rounds, the player with the highest score deals.


Aces: Must be played with a second card of the same suit.  Cannot be played on another Ace.  If played alone, the player draws a card.

2’s: The next player must draw two cards.  A 2 of Spades can be played on a 5 of Spades for a total seven card draw.

5 of Spades: The next player draws five cards

5 of Clubs: Players pass their hand to the right.

7’s: Skip the next player.

8’s: A wild card.  When played, the player chooses suit or rank that must be played next.

9’s: Players pass their hand to the left.

Joker: All other players draw one card.The same player plays another card.


During play, each player can play a card from their hand that matches the top card of the discard pile in suit or rank.  The player does not have to play if they do not want to.  If a player cannot or chooses not to play, they draw one card.  That card may be played if able.  

When playing the second to last card, a player must call out Kapaga.  If caught without having said Kapaga, that player must draw one card.  

The round ends once a player has played their final card.


Players earn points for the cards remaining in their hand.  If a player’s total equals more than 2,000 points at the end of the round, they are knocked out of the game.  If their total equals 2,000 exactly, their score resets to zero.

3’s,4’s,5’s,6’s,9’s = 5 points

10’s = 10 points

J’s,Q’s,K’s = 100 points

7’s = 150 points

2’s = 200 points

Aces & 8’s = 300 points

5 of Spades = 500 points

Joker = 600 points

Penalty points are also earned for the following:

Misdealing = 100 points

Player looking at their hand before the end of the deal = 100 points

Being the player that has to flip the discard pile over to form a new draw pile = 100, then 200, then 300 and so on.


The last player remaining in the game wins.

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