OBJECTIVE OF KOP:  Be the team or player to earn 53 points or more



RANK OF CARDS: (high) A♥,10♥,Q♣,Q♠,Q♥,Q♦,J♣,J♠,J♥,J♦,A♦,10♦,(A♣,10♣/A♠,10♠) (low)

TYPE OF GAME: Trick taking



Kop, also known as Baska, is a tiny trick taking game that only uses 16 cards from a standard deck of playing cards.  Traditionally, the game is only played for one round, and it is often played for stakes.  Payouts are determined by bets and raises that happen during the game as well as how a player wins – either solo or with a partner.  The following set of rules adopts the use of Victory Cards as a modern way to handle scoring for the course of several rounds.

It should be noted that Kop is an ideal game to play quickly with or without a table.  This game can even be played while standing in line. 


 Kop uses a very small deck of 16 cards.  10’s, Jacks, Queens, and Aces are the only cards needed.  The ranking of the cards is very unconventional for most American card players, but people who are familiar with German A-10 games will feel more at home with Kop’s rank structure.

The trump suit consists of: (low) 10♦,A♦,J♦,J♥,J♠,J♣,Q♦,Q♥,Q♠,Q♣,10♥,A♥ (high).  The Ace and 10 of both Clubs and Spades are always non-trump.

Determine the dealer, and that person doles out 4 cards to each player.  Also give each player 5 Victory Cards.  These can be any other card from the deck or tokens.


The players who are holding the black queen cards are partners for the game.  If a single player holds both black Queens, they can either call for the player with the highest Jack to be their partner, they may stay silent, or they may call out solo

Partnerships are not known at first.  Players should not announce their partnership, but let the non-partner players figure it out on their own.  If a player calls solo, the other three players know they are working together to beat the solo player.


The player left of the dealer begins by playing any card they want.  Kop is a must follow, must trump, and must win game.  This means that following players must follow suit if they can.  All of the trump cards are considered the same suit, so ignore the suit symbols for this game. 

If a player cannot follow suit, they must trump the trick.  Also, a player must win the trick in its current state if they can. The player with the highest card takes the trick and leads the next one.

Play continues until all 4 tricks are complete.


Points are scored for cards captured.  Players on a team together combine their point totals.  A player who went solo only scores points for the cards they capture.  A team or individual must capture 53 points in order to win the round.

Aces = 11 points

10’s = 10 points

Queens = 3 points

Jacks = 2 points

If played in two teams, each player on the winning team is awarded one Victory Card from each player on the losing team. 

If someone goes solo and wins, they are awarded 2 Victory Cards from each opponent.  If they lose, they pay 2 Victory Cards to each opponent.

When one player runs out of Victory Cards, the game ends.


The player with the most Victory Cards when the game ends wins.  Ties are left unbroken.

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