OBJECTIVE OF LOCKUP: Be the first player to earn 20 points



RANK OF CARDS: (low) 2 – Ace (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking



Lockup is a trick taking game for four players created specifically for cardgames.io.  In this game, players are trying to collect the most tricks possible while also avoiding the capture of Clubs.  If a player does capture Club cards in a trick, they are placed into lockup.  That player will not be able to participate for a certain number of tricks.  Although this game was designed for online play, it can also be enjoyed in real life. 


 Lockup uses a 52 card deck with 2’s low and Aces high.  Shuffle the cards and deal 13 cards to each player.  The neighbor left of the dealer goes first.


The player leading the trick may play any card they want except for a Club card.  Continuing left, each player must match the lead suit if they can with one exception.  If there are any face cards (Jack, Queen, or King) in the trick when it is your turn to play, you may play a Club card instead of following suit.  If a player is unable to follow suit, they may play any card (including Clubs).

Whoever plays the highest card in the lead suit captures the trick.  If there are no Clubs in the trick, that person leads.  If the trick contains Clubs, the trick-winner will be put into lockdown.

Going into Lockdown

If the trick-winner captures any Club cards, they are immediately put into lockdown.  This means that they do not participate in the next number of tricks equal to the number of Clubs they captured.  For example, if the player captures two Clubs, they do not participate in the next two tricks. 

Also, the neighbor on their left draws a number of cards at random from their hand.  That number is equal to the number of Clubs they captured.  So, if the player captures two Clubs, they do not participate in the next two tricks, AND their left-neighbor draws two cards at random from their hand.  The cards should be discarded without looking at them.  It might help to use the randomly drawn cards to track the number of tricks a player has sat out.

Once a player has fulfilled their lockdown requirement, they may rejoin the game.  Play continues as described until all thirteen tricks have been captured.  Continue playing rounds until one player reaches 20 points or more.  The deal passes to the left each round.


At the completion of the round, each trick captured earns the player one point. 


Whoever reaches 20 points or more wins the game.  In the case of a tie, continue playing until there is a winner.

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