OBJECTIVE OF LONG SHOT: The objective of Long Shot is to place the right bets and earn more money than any other player.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 8 Players 

MATERIALS: 10 Horse Cards, 1 Horse Die, 1 Move Die, Paper Money, 10 Plastic Horses, 8 Reroll Tokens, 104 Long Shot Cards, 1 Game Board, 70 Betting Chips, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Betting Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Players act as horse betters, and it’s time for them to see how good they are in the betting scene. Players must be careful to keep their bets a secret, or else someone else might undermine them. Long shot is family friendly, and it gives up to eight players plenty of opportunities to have a great time! 


To begin setup, one player is chosen to be the banker and bet keeper. They will play and bet with the other players, but they will ensure that the bank and betting transactions go smoothly. The player should ensure that they choose someone who is honest for this position, because cheating can be easy!  

The gameboard is placed in the middle of the playing area, and all of the horses are placed right behind the starting line. The betting chips and the money are placed to the side of the board, within reach of all players. The horse cards are placed on the other side of the board, face up in a line.  

Every player is given one ten-dollar bill and three five-dollar bills to start the game. Each player is dealt three long shot cards and one reroll token. The players will roll the horse die, and the player with the highest roll will be the first to take a turn. The game is then ready to begin. 


Gameplay continues around the group in a clockwise fashion. During their turn, a player must complete the actions that are found under the “Horse features” found on the horses owned by the player. They will then roll dice to move the horse, take another action, draw a card, and pass the dice to the player on their right.  

The player will complete all actions defined by the horse features found on the horses that he owns. They will then roll the die and move the assigned horse that amount along the track. The horse die defines which horse should be moved, and the move die defines how far that horse should be moved along the track.  

When they take their chosen action, the one that is not dependent on their horse, the player may choose to play a long shot card, buy another horse, place a bet on a horse, or discard two of their cards to earn money from the bank. Once the players have completed their one chosen action, they will draw a card or pass. The next player will then begin their turn. The game will continue until three horses pass the finish line.  


The game comes to an end when the third horse has crossed the finish line. The players will discard any of their cards and all bets that are not related to the first three horses. The other horses are returned to the bank. The players will then determine how much they have won.  

The first horse wins $100, the second wins $75, and the third wins $50. All of this money comes from the bank. The players will then receive their bet amount times the number of odds they placed on the horse. The bet amount is located on the bottom of the horse card. The player with the most money, wins the game! 

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