OBJECT OF LOSING LODAM: The object of Losing Lodam is to be the last player remaining.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 10 players. 

MATERIALS: A standard deck of 52 cards, a way to keep score, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Trick-Taking Card Game



Losing Lodam is a trick-taking card game for 3 to 10 players. The goal of the game is to be the last player with remaining lives.

In Losing Lodam, each player starts with three lives. When a player reaches 31 points, they lose a life and start their score back at 0. Losing all three lives results in a player being eliminated from the game.


The first dealer is chosen randomly and passes to the left for each new deal. The dealer will shuffle the deck and deal out a number of cards to each player so that all hands have the highest number of cards possible while being even.

The remaining cards are left facedown in a stockpile.

Card Ranking and Values

The ranking is Ace (high), 10, King, Queen, Jack 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 (low).

There are also values associated with certain cards. An ace is worth 11 points, 10 is worth 4 points, a King is worth 3 points, a Queen is worth 2 points, and a Jack is worth 1 point.


The game starts with the oldest leading the first trick. They may lead any card, and the following players must follow suit if able. The game starts with no trump suit. And if all players followed suit the highest-ranked card of the suit lead wins the trick and the cards are added to their score pile. the winner leads the next trick.

Once a player is not able to follow suit a trump will e revealed. The top card of the remaining stockpile is revealed so all players can see the suit. It is then turned facedown again. Moving forward this is the trump suit and the highest card of the trump suit will win a trick. There is the possibility though of a player forgetting the trump suit and taking the trump as theirs as they played the highest card of the suit lead. If this is done, the player who actually won the trick can say nothing and will not score these points, and leave the player accepting the trick to score the points instead.

If a player reaches 31 points during a hand, they must lose a life. If no player loses a life before the end of a hand, the player with the highest total must lose a life. If a player reaches 31 points, they may also challenge another player they believe has reached 31 points before the. Both players will count their points and the player who reached 31 in fewer tricks, loses the life.

If a player loses all three lives they are eliminated from the game.  


The game ends when only one player remains. This player is the winner.   

Amber Crook
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