OBJECTIVE OF MAGIC MAZE: The objective of Magic Maze is for all players to escape the shopping mall within the given time. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 8 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Sheet of Stickers, 1 Theft Tile, 1 Score Sheet, 1 “Do Something!” Pawn, 1 Timer, 9 Action Tiles, 12 Out of Order Tokens, 4 Hero Pawns, 24 Mall Tiles, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAMECooperative Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


After losing all of their possessions, a dwarf, an elf, a warrior, and a mage work cooperatively to steal their necessities from the local shopping mall. All players, acting as the four heroes, must work together to complete their thefts on their own. Players are not able to access things together, and this requires the utmost cooperation in order to get everyone out in time. 


Based on the scenario that the players choose to play, the mall tile deck is setup. The starting tile is placed in the middle of the playing area, and the four heroes are placed in the four middle spaces. The theft tile and out of order tokens are places to the side.  

The action tiles that correspond to the number of players are given to each player. Everyone should be able to see each other’s action cards. The action tiles should face the same direction as the starting tile throughout the course of the game. Players are allowed to communicate as much as they want during the setup phase, but as soon as it is complete, silence is required.  


The game is played in four different steps. The first is exploring the mall. The second is to move each pawn to the item space that matches their color. Once all of the heroes have reached their items, they steam them at the same time. At this point, the alarm is triggered, and the timer begins.  

The players then have three minutes to get out without being captured. The theft tile should be flipped so that the b side faces upwards. Once a hero reaches the exit, he is removed from the board. Players can complete any action that they wish as long as it is on their action tile. If it is not on their action tile, they are not able to do it.  

Actions include moving, using a vortex, taking the escalator, and exploring. Each of which are described on the action cards. Players are not allowed to communicate with each other unless it is by staring at each other or giving the “Do Something!” pawn to one another to show that something needs done. When they flip the timer, they can communicate as long as they want, as long as no actions are completed. When an action is completed, all communication has to end.  


The game comes to an end in two different ways, both determining if the players have won or lost. If the players get out before the timer is done, the players win the game, and the game comes to an end. If the timer ends before the players have escaped, then the players lose, and the game comes to an end.  

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