OBJECTIVE OF MEGALAND: The objective of Megaland is to be the first player to earn 20 coins in order to win the game.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 5 Players 

MATERIALS: 68 Building Cards, 28 Star Building Cards, 1 Heart Cost Card, 5 Character Tokens, 1st Player Token, 39 Coin Tokens, 32 Heart Tokens, 14 Jump Tokens, 8 Character Stands, 1 Level Tile, 96 Treasure Cards, 5 Player Cards, 10 Level Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Push Your Luck Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


Are you ready to run? You better get ready before you dive into the crazy game of Megaland. As players fight monsters, bunnies, and complete challenging events, they will try to build their riches. Players will collect treasures throughout the land, but if they push their luck too far, then they may lose everything they have gained. Take your chances!  


In the center of the playing area, place all of the star buildings in a row. Each building type should be in individual piles, facing up, and all six types will be used. The players will then choose 7 of the regular building-type cards and place them under the star buildings in a row. Each type should be placed in its own pile, and they will be facing up.  

The level cards are shuffled and placed in a pile, face down. The level tile should be placed beside them. The heart tokens, coins, and jump tokens are placed beside the play area, and the heart cost card should be placed beside them, creating the supply. The treasure cards are then also shuffled and placed in a pile.  

Each player will be given a character, a player card, and four heart tokens to place on the heart side of their card. The player who last played a video game will become the first player, collecting the first player token. The game is then ready to begin.  


The game is played over the course of numerous rounds, with each round consisting of different phases. There are three phases, and they are played in chronological order. During the first phase, all of the players will send their character to a level of their choice by putting their character on the level tile of their choosing. Afterward, they will draw a treasure card to put above their character card.   

The first player will then draw the top card from the level deck and place it beside the level tile. If there are skulls found on the card, each player that has a character on the tile will get damage for each skull. The treasure cards will stay above the character as they go through the levels. Once the level card has been resolved, everyone will choose if they want to progress. If they continue, then they will take damage and continue again, but if they choose to go home, then they will get to keep all of their treasures safely.  

Players will then continue to the next phase where they may purchase buildings. They can purchase things with the treasures that they have! Once everyone has purchased what they want, they will continue to the next phase, night. The first player will pass their token to the player found to their left. Players must discard any unused treasures, keeping only one treasure for each building they have.  

If any player has twenty coins when the night comes to an end, then the game ends. If not, then they will continue with a new round, beginning with phase one.  


The game come to an end when the night phase ends, and a player has over twenty coins. The players will then count all of their coins, getting a tally. The player with the most points wins the game!  

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