OBJECTIVE OF MONZA: The first player to cross the finish line or use the least dice to do so wins the game 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players  

CONTENTS: 4 racecar tokens, 6 colored dice, 1 board, 33 cardboard tiles, 1 rulebook  

TYPE OF GAME: Racing Board Game  

AUDIENCE: Ages 5+ 


Monza is a roll and move racing board game published by Haba.  In this game, players will roll six multicolored dice that determine how they can move their token along the track.  Players will have to analyze what they roll carefully and make the best movement decision they can.  Players in the lead better watch out!  It is possible for them to be knocked backward on the track.  The first player to cross the finish line wins the game. 


Out of the box, there are four racecar tokens (red, blue, green, and yellow), 6 multicolored dice, 1 race track board, 33 cardboard tiles (24 accelerator tiles in 6 colors, 4 extra-roll tiles, and 1 starting player tile).  There is also one rulebook. 


To set up the game, place the board in the center of the playing space.  Each player chooses the racecar they want to use and places it on the starting line.  One trophy tile for each player should be placed near the board.  Give the starting player tile to the youngest player.  They will get to go first. 


On a player’s turn, they will roll all six dice.  After rolling, the player will create a path on the board for their car to follow.  This is done by matching the colors rolled with the color spaces on the board.  Players should create as long of a path as possible.  Some dice might not be used. 


Players must follow some simple rules when moving their racecar.  The car must always move in a forward direction.  A player can only move onto spaces that touch the space the player is currently on.  Using the dice to map out the path will help with this.  Players can change lanes, but only if the front portion of the space they are moving into is ahead of their current space.  There are gray spaces that have an image of a tire on them.  These are blocked spaces that players may not travel upon.   

Finally, players are allowed to travel though spaces that already have cars on them.  If a player ends up on a space with a car on it, that car is moved backwards in the same lane to the next empty spot. 


Play passes left each turn until one player crosses the finish line.  Once this occurs, play continues to pass until all remaining players in the turn order have had the same number of turns.   


The first player to cross the finish line wins the game unless more than one player manages to do so before the game completely ends.  If this occurs, the player who used the fewest number of dice to cross the finish line on their final turn wins the game. 


At the start of the race, each player is given 1 extra-roll tile as well as a set of 6 different colored accelerator tiles.  Players may use their extra-roll tile one time during the game.  After rolling the six dice but before placing them, the player may turn in their token and re-roll as many of the dice as they wish.   

To use the accelerator tiles, the player may place them on the board as if they were dice rolled.  However, once a tile is used, it is placed back in the box.  Use them wisely! 

If a player is able to use all six dice that they rolled, they may roll two more for a Turbo Roll.  This is done after the original six dice are used and any accelerator tiles are discarded.  They roll two dice and  


The bonus move can occur at the end of each player’s turn during the game.  When a player finishes their turn, the player whose car matches the color of the last played die is allowed to move ahead one more space (if the space is open).  For example, if Player A ended his turn on a green space, and Player B has the green racecar, she may move her card ahead one more space.  

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