OBJECTIVE OF MOTHER DUCK: The objective of Mother Duck is to collect more ping pong balls than any other player.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Numerous Ping Pong Balls, Buckets, and Labels 

TYPE OF GAME: Pool Party Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 5 and Up 


Who can be the best mother duck, collecting her ducklings? The players must gather up ping pong balls, very similar to the way that Mother Ducks will collect their babies. The catch is that the players are not allowed to actually touch the ping pong balls. They must splash or blow the ping pong balls to the correct side.  


To setup the game, have all players stand on the edge of the pool, ensuring that nobody is in the pool. Throw all of the ping pong balls into the pool, spreading them out over the length of the pool.  

Place buckets on a certain side of the pool. Each bucket should have a team name or a player name on them. The game is then ready to begin.  


When the game begins, all players will get into the pool at the same time. The players will then attempt to herd the ping pong balls to the side of the pool where the buckets are placed. The players are not permitted to actually touch the ping pong balls until they have touched the side of the pool. 

They are then allowed to get them out of the pool and place them in their team’s bucket, scoring points.  


The game comes to an end when all of the ping pong balls have been collected. The players will count their balls. The player or team who collected the most balls, wins the game. 

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