OBJECTIVE OF MUSE: The objective of Muse is to be the first team to collect five masterpieces and win the game! 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 12 Players 

MATERIALS: 84 Masterpiece Cards, 30 Inspiration Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Cooperative Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


As the players break into teams, their muse will guide them throughout the game. When a player becomes a muse, they must lead their team with clues that are limited by the card that they have been dealt. As the other players act as artists, they will work together to decipher the clue and choose the correct piece of art.  


To begin setup, divide the players into two or three teams that consist of at least two players. The Masterpiece card deck and Inspiration card deck are then shuffled separately and placed within reach of all players. The team who has the youngest player will be the first to take a turn. The game is then ready to begin! 


The teams will each take their turn separately, rotating clockwise around the teams.  During their turn, the team will begin by choosing a player to be the Muse. This role is chosen each turn for each team, and it can be rotated around the team however they like. The team to their left will draw six Masterpiece cards and two Inspiration cards. They will choose an Inspiration card and a Masterpiece card for the Muse to use.  

The Muse will reveal the Inspiration card to their team and give them a clue to lead them to the Masterpiece card. The Muse must follow the instructions that are found on the Inspiration card. After they have gotten a good idea about the Masterpiece card, they return it to the team on their left, where they will then shuffle it in with the other five Masterpiece cards that they hold.  

The cards are then presented to the Muse’s team face up in a line. The team must work together to decide a guess to choose the correct Masterpiece card. The Must is unable to help, or even speak, unless they are simply repeating the clue that they gave to the team. They are allowed to tell whether the final guess is correct or incorrect.  

If it is incorrect, the team to the left will claim the card. If it is correct, then the Muse’s team will collect it. All cards that are used during the turn are discarded to a discard pile. The cards are all reshuffled, and the turn passes to the next team in a clockwise fashion. 


The game comes to an end when a team acquires five masterpieces. The first team that is able to do this, wins the game. The other teams may continue to play to determine who the true loser is if they want!  

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