OBJECTIVE OF NERF GUN MATH: The objective of Nerf Gun Math is to be the player who gets the most math problems correct. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: Painter’s Tape, Empty Soda Cans, Flash Cards, and Nerf Guns and Ammo 

TYPE OF GAME: Mathematical Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6 and Up 


Nerf Gun Math is a fun, inclusive math game! A fun math game? You heard that right! This game will allow kids to play with Nerf guns without having to search for their bullets afterwards. Each player will shoot at the math problems that they know the answer to. As soon as they answer, they are able to shoot the next one. When they answer one incorrect, their streak is up!  


To setup the game, simply find some empty soda cans, scrap paper, and some tape! The person who sets up the game will write a variety of math equations, one on each piece of paper. There can be a wide variety of complexity, depending on the players’ needs.  

Tape one equation to each soda can and sit them on a table. You may want to use a cardboard backing to control bullet trajectory. Let the kids go, and the game can begin! 


During their turn, they will shoot as many soda cans as they can, ensuring that they answer each equation correctly before moving on to the next! The player may continue until they answer one incorrect, misses a shot, or there are no more problems available.  

When a player makes a mistake, the next player may take their turn. The game will continue like this until all of the problems have been answered.  


 The game comes to an end when all of the math problems have been answered. The player with the most correct answers, wins the game.  

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