OBJECTIVE OF OSMOSIS:  Get all of the cards into their appropriate foundation rows


NUMBER OF CARDS: 52 cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire 



Osmosis, also known as Treasure Trove, is a fun solitaire game that plays much differently than the classics.  Players do not have to build foundations in sequential order, and cards cannot be played in lower foundation rows until their rank is unlocked in higher rows.  There is a 13% chance of completing this game.


Osmosis is played with a standard 52 card French deck.  Shuffle the deck and deal four piles of four cards each face down.  Once each pile is dealt, flip the whole pile over to expose the top card.  You must not see the cards below the top one.  These four piles should be in a column.  These are called reserve piles.

Deal one card face up to the right of the top reserve pile.  This is your first foundation.   Other foundations will be placed beside the other reserves as they become available.  

The rest of the cards become the draw pile.


The objective is to build each foundation row according to suit.  The rank order does not matter. Foundation rows should be built in an overlapping way, so all of the card ranks can be seen.  

Any card of the same suit may be placed on the first foundation as it becomes available regardless of rank.  On the lower foundations, cards of the same suit may only be played if a card of equal rank has been played on the foundation directly above it.  Of course, the foundation card must have been played as well in order to build onto the foundation pile.  

Top cards of the reserve piles are always available for play.  In order to play from the draw pile, draw the top three cards as a group.  Do not change the order of the cards.  They must be played from top to bottom. If a card cannot be played, that card and any cards below it are discarded to the waste pile.  The waste pile is face up, but its top cards are not eligible for play.

Once the whole draw pile has been played through, pick up the waste pile and begin again.  Play through the draw pile as many times as needed.


To win, move all cards into their foundation rows. If play stops because there are no more eligible moves, the game is lost.

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