Po-Ke-No game rules title

OBJECTIVE OF PO-KE-NO: Be the first to get five in a row on your board in a row covered first.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 13 players

MATERIALS: Po-Ke-No chips (200), PoKeNo game boards (12), and a rulebook

TYPE OF GAME: Gambling Board Game



Po-Ke-No is a beautiful blend of both poker and Bingo! It is a gambling board game for ages 8 and up. It can be played with 2 to 13 players, so it’s great for both small and large gatherings!

The Po-Ke-No rules are easy to learn and games typically take 10 minutes.


To begin to play Po-Ke-No, each player is given one of a game board and some chips. If there is at least one additional board remaining, the dealer may choose to play in the game as well.

The dealer then shuffled the deck of 52 playing cards


The game begins with the dealer turning over the top card of the deck. They will then call out the card. The players and dealer covers this square on each of their boards with a poker chip, if they are able.

The dealer will continue to call cards, and players will cover their boards until a player completes a five in a row. The five in a row must be a horizontal or vertical row. They player may then call out and win.


The game ends once a player successfully covers 5 in a row on their board. The winner will become the next dealer for any continuing games.



To play this version of the game play proceeds as above, except in order to win you must completely cover your board.


For this version of the game play continues, until everyone has a 5 of a kind. Then players will compare their hands. The player with the poker hand that has a greater poker value will win the round.

For example, a straight flush beats any other hand.


In the roulette variation, the banker does not have a game board. Instead the players are each given a board and may choose rows on their board, one vertical and one horizontal. The dealer will call out 25 cards. If by the time the last card is pulled and called and no player has gone out on one of their two rows the dealer wins. If at some point a player does cover one of their specified rows, they may call out and win.


In the Blackjack version the dealer must play. Each player and the dealer each have a board. The dealer will call out cards until they have a 5 in a row on their board. Any player who does not have a 5 in a row covered by this time loses, and players who have poker hands that are less in value than the dealer also lose. Any player with a hand covered that is valued greater than the dealers wins.

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