OBJECTIVE OF RATUKI: Be the first player to earn 100 points 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 5 players 

CONTENTS: 175 cards, 5 reference cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Speed Card Game  

AUDIENCE: Ages 7+ 


Ratuki is a speedy shedding game in which players are trying to empty their decks as quickly as possible.  Players do not take turns during this game.  Everyone is trying to act as quickly as possible to build up discard piles, collect them, and play all of the cards from their own personal decks. 


There are 5 decks of 35 cards each.  Cards in each deck number 1-5 with a variety of ways to represent the numbers on each card.  For example, a 1 card might have the number one on it, or it might have one hash mark. 

Within each deck, there are two Ratuki cards.  These are wild cards that can be used to collect a discard pile at any time during the game. 


Each player takes one deck of cards.  Each deck has its own color.  Any unused decks are returned to the box. 

Players shuffle their own decks and deal themselves three cards.  This is their starting hand. 


Someone at the table yells RATUKI! All players begin playing simultaneously during this game. 

Players must hold their cards with the same hand throughout the entire game.  They must also draw and play cards with the opposite hand throughout the entire game.   

Any player with a 1 or a Ratuki can start a Center Stack (discard pile).  There can only be a number of Center Stacks equal to the number of players. 

Once a player lays a 1 or a Ratuki on the table, that player draws a card from their draw pile and adds it to their hand.  Anyone can play a 2 on the 1’s or Ratuki cards that have been played to begin the Center Stacks. 

Once a 2 has been placed on a pile, that pile may be built in ascending or descending order.  For example, a player may place a 1 or a 3 on it.  The pile can continue to ascend or descend until it reaches 5.   

Ratuki cards can be played at any time.  When they are played, the player collects the pile it was placed upon. 

A player must have three cards in their hand before playing another card, and they may never have more than three cards in their hand at a time. 

As soon as a player completes a stack with a 5 or a Ratuki card, that player shouts RATUKI and collects the cards.  They are placed face-up to form a score pile. 

Each player also has a face-down junk pile near them during the game.  Whenever they have a card that they cannot play, they may place it face-down on their junk pile.  Once the player’s draw pile is empty, they must also empty their junk pile as well in order to win the round. 


As soon as a player has played all of the cards from their draw pile and junk pile, the round ends.   


Each player counts up the number of cards in their score pile.  They earn one point for each card. 

Next, each player counts the cards in their draw and junk piles.  They deduct one point for each score.  If their round score is a negative number, they simply score zero points for the round. 


Continue playing rounds until one player reaches 100 points or more.  That player is the winner. 

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