OBJECTIVE OF REALLY KAREN: The objective of Really Karen is to be the player with the most manager tokens when the game comes to an end. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 6 Karen Game Pieces and Stands, 2 Standard Dice, 100 Playing Cards, 30 Manager Cards, 24 Karen Victory Tokens, 10 Gift Card Tokens, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Dice Rolling Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


In Really Karen, the players will attempt to be the worst Karen that they can be for the entire course of the game. They will travel throughout the town, visit different shops, argue with the employees, and collect every Manager token that you can. There are many obstacles that will come between you and the tokens that you need to win the game, so make sure to be as ruthless as possible. 


To setup the game, place the game board in the center of the playing area, ensuring all of the players can access the entirety of the board. The nice are placed beside the board. Each player will choose a Karen to represent them throughout the course of the game, and they should make sure to choose a Karen that represents them.  

Each of the players will place their Karen in a plastic stand and place them at their assigned house. The players will know which house matches their Karen by matching the colors of the cards and the houses found on the board. The first player is randomly chosen by the group, and the game is ready to begin. 


Throughout the course of the game, the players will rotate taking turns. During their turn, the player will collect the dice from the middle of the board and roll both of them. The number on the dice will decide how many spaces the player moves forward. If a player lands on a space that requires them to grab a card, then they must do so. Some of these cards will have the player move backwards, move to a specific place on the board, or just stay where they are. Whatever it says, the player must follow the instructions of the card.  

Whenever a player reaches a store on the board, they must draw a Really Karen Card. These cards will tell them the actions that they need to take in order to keep their manager tokens! Once the player has completed their action, finishing their turn, the next player will take their turn. The game will continue in this manner, with the players racing to get back home after harassing the town.  


The game comes to an end when all of the players make it back to their homes. At this point, the players will tally their manager tokens to determine a winner. The player with the most tokens, wins the game.  

Live a day in the life of a Karen, arguing your way throughout the down, taking down every manager in your wake. 

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