OBJECTIVE OF ROYAL RENDEZVOUS:  Successfully build up all twelve foundation piles

PLAYERS: 1 player

CARDS: 104 cards

RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – King (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire



Royal Rendezvous is a double deck solitaire that challenges players through its foundation formation.  There are a whopping twelve foundations in this game, and two of them are built up in twos.  Royal Rendezvous gets its name through the finish which includes the final four kings completing the royal court card display.


 Royal Rendezvous uses two 52 card decks.  In order to prepare for the game, separate all eight Aces and one 2 from each suit.  These will be the beginning cards for the twelve foundations.

Create one row of Aces with one Ace from each suit.  This will be regarded as row 1.  Create a second row below it as follows: 2,2,A,A,A,A,2,2.  Make sure that the Aces in row 2 match the Aces above them in row one by suit.

Next, dole out two more face up rows containing eight cards each.  In total, the tableau should begin with 28 cards.


The objective is to build up the Row 1 foundations from Ace to Queen in the same suit.  The objective for Row 2 is to build the Aces up by twos in the same suit as such: A,3,5,7,9,J,K. The 2’s must be built by twos in the same suit as such: 2,4,6,8,10,Q.  The game is completed once the final four Kings are placed on Row 1.  Kings can only be placed on Row 1 once their counterpart has been played to Row 2.

The two rows below the foundations are the reserve, and they are allowed to be played on foundations.  Any spaces created in the reserve must be filled immediately with waste pile cards.  If there is no waste pile, fill the space with a card from the draw pile.

Draw pile cards are drawn one card at a time.  Draw pile cards can only be played to the foundations.  Any unplayable card is placed goes on the waste pile.  The top waste pile card is allowed to be played onto the foundations as well.  Play continues until the game is blocked or won.  There is no redeal.


When all twelve foundations have been built up correctly, you win.

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