OBJECTIVE OF SHARKS AND MINNOWS: The objective of Sharks and Minnows depends on the role that you are playing. As the Shark, you will attempt to catch another player. As the Minnow, you will try to get to the other side of the pool without getting captured by the Shark. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players 

MATERIALS: There are no materials needed for this game. 

TYPE OF GAME: Party Pool Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6 and Up 


Sharks and Minnows is a fun, family-friendly game that will have everyone splashing like their life depends on it. The Minnows have to try and get past the big, bad Shark without getting caught. The Shark must strike blindly at the Minnows, attempting to catch someone, anyone! Will the Shark end up with a full belly, or will the fish go free? 


To setup for this game, players should choose who will play the role of the Shark for the first game. Then, the Minnows should gather in the shallow end of the pool, and the Shark will go to the deep end. The game is then ready to begin! 


To begin the game, the Shark will close their eyes and chant “Here fishy, fishy. Come and play”. They will chant this continuously throughout the game. When they start chanting, the Minnows will begin to swim towards the other end of the pool. They are not safe until they reach the other side!  

The shark is not allowed to come into the shallow end of the pool, and once the Minnows come into the deep end, they are not allowed to return to the shallow end. The Shark will attempt to grab anyone they can. Once the Minnows reach the other side, they are safe until the round is over.  

If all Minnows get past the Shark, then the Shark loses, and they are the Shark for the next round. If the Shark grabs someone, then the round comes to an end, and the player who is grabbed becomes the Shark. The game continues in this manner until the players decide to be finished.  


The game comes to an end whenever the players are finished with the game. There are no winners or losers, only goof times! 

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