OBJECTIVE OF SOMETHING WILD: Be the first player to collect three power cards

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

CONTENTS: 55 cards, 1 Pop! figure 

TYPE OF GAME: Set Collection Card Game



Something Wild is a set collection card game from Funko Games.  Play centers around controlling the character figure which allows the owner to use special powers.  Points are earned by creating sets and runs of three cards, and the first player to earn three points wins the game.

There are a variety of different themed Something Wild sets to collect.  Each theme has its own character figure and power cards.  To increase the game’s complexity and make it even more wild, different themed sets can be combined!


Players get a 45 card character deck.  The deck consists of five suits (green, blue, purple, red, and yellow), and each suit ranks 1 – 9. 

There is a small deck of 10 power cards.  These cards will give players special abilities during the game.  Finally, each set includes a small vinyl figurine that relates teh the theme.  When players have control of the figurine, they may use the special powers.


 Shuffle the power card deck and place it face down in the center of the table.  Flip the top card face-up and keep it on top of the pile.  Place the vinyl figure beside the power card pile.

Next, shuffle the character deck and deal three cards to each player.  Place the rest of the deck face down near the power cards.


Play begins with the youngest player.  All players follow the same turn order: draw, play, take figurine, use powers, collect a power card, discard.

They begin their turn by drawing a character card from the draw pile.  Then, they choose one card from their hand and place it face up on the table.  If the card they play is the same color as the face-up power card, they get to take control of the figurine.  During future turns, if another player has the figurine, they would take it from that player.

Now that the player has the figurine, they may use special powers.  The player with the figurine may use the power on the face-up card or from any power cards they have collected.  A player is not required to use any powers.

After potentially using powers, the player checks to see if they have a set or a run.  A set consists of three cards that are the same number.  A run is three cards of the same color in sequential order.  Power cards can help players form sets and runs in different ways.  If the player has a set or a run, they place those three cards on the discard pile and collect the top power card.  They place the power card face up near them and turn the next power card on the pile face up. 

Remember, a player who possesses the figurine can use powers from the cards they collect or the top card of the power card deck. 

A player may only discard one set or run on their turn.  If a player has more than five face-up cards on the table at the end of their turn, they must discard back down to five.  This ends the player’s turn.

Play continues until one player has collected three power cards.


The first player to collect three power cards wins the game.


When combining sets for play, shuffle all of the character cards together to form a larger deck.  Keep the power cards separated.  Setup is the same.  Place each power card pile in the center of the table and put the figure beside the pile it belongs to.  Deal five cards to each player. 

During play, it is possible for a player to have control of more than one figuring.  Only one can be taken per turn though.  If a player could take more than one figurine on their turn, they must choose one.  Also, a player can only use powers from cards that match the figurine they control.

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