OBJECTIVE OF SPOT IT!: The objective of Spot It! is to spot the symbols that are identical before any other players. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 8 Players 

MATERIALS: 55 Playing Cards, a Tin Box, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Pattern Recognition Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 7 and Up 


Spot It is the perfect game for children that are learning pattern recognition, or for those players that love a visual and speed challenge. Each time cards are compared, there will be a symbol that is identical between the two. The first player to identify the identical symbol wins the mini game. Don’t stress if you lose the mini round, you will have more chances to make up the lost points! 


Before playing the game, players should ensure that they understand the rules of the game. Before a game begins, remove two random cards from the deck. Place them face up in the middle of the playing areas, ensuring that all players are able to see them clearly.  

Have the players look for a symbol that is shared among the two cards. The symbols must be the same color and the same shape. The only thing that may be different is the size of the symbol that matches on the cards. The first player that identifies the symbol will name the symbol aloud to the group.  

Once the players understand how the game will function, the game may begin.  


The game is played over the course of numerous mini games, creating a tournament. In each mini game, the players will all play simultaneously. When a mini game comes to an end, if two players are tied, then they will duel with one another to determine the winner.  

To begin the game, the first person is randomly chosen. This may be done through a mini game, or the players may choose whoever they please. This player will begin by drawing two random cards from the deck, placing them face up in the center of the playing area.  

The players will examine the cards, attempting to identify the matching symbol on each of the cards. The first player to identify the symbols, and yell it out, wins the mini game. The winner of the mini game will then proceed to draw two more cards for the next mini game. The two cards should be revealed at the exact same time. As soon as a card is revealed, the players may begin the mini game.  


 The game comes to an end when the tournament ends. The tournament consists of many mini games, with a winner of each game. The loser of each mini game will choose the next mini game. The players will choose how many mini games that they want to play. 

There are a variety of points that may be added on in addition to the points that are won just by playing the game fast. Once the tournament ends, the players will then tally their points. Whoever has the most points, wins the game! 

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