OBJECTIVE OF SPYFALL: Spyfall is played with two roles with different objectives. If you are a non-spy you and your allies will try to find and vote for who the spy is. If you are the spy you want to remain undetected until the end of the game or until you can guess the location.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-8 players

MATERIALS: 240 cards split into thirty 8 card decks, 30 small plastic bags for the decks, a rulebook. (You will also need a way to keep time, this is not included.)

TYPE OF GAME: Hidden Roles Game

AUDIENCE: Children and Adults 12+


Spyfall has an easy set up for the individual rounds. If you haven’t already, separat the 240 playing cards into their respective decks, and place them into the baggies with the back of the cards facing one way and a spy card on top of each deck. This ensures the location is not accidentally revealed to anyone.


Then randomly select a deck. Staring with the bottom spy card and without revealing any cards take out the number of cards needed to accommodate each player. (Don’t forget the spy card!) Shuffle the cards and pass out the cards, one to each player.

Then everyone may check their card secretly to see what role they will be playing this round. Repeat these actions for each round that is played, adding back into the pool of decks, the location you played in.


Spyfall is played over a course of rounds. Players may agree on a number of rounds before the game begins. Once cards are handed out the real fun begins.

Starting with the player who dealt out the cards, players will take turns asking other players questions about the location you are in. Ask anything too vague and people may suspect you, or you might get no useful information, but if you ask anything too specific you risk giving away the location of the spy! Play continues with the person who answered the last question. They ask someone else a question, but it can’t be the person who just asked them.



At any point during the game a player (including the spy), may pause the timer to accuse someone of being the spy. This initiated a vote and if the majority vote yes then the person reveals their card. If they are the spy, everyone else wins and scores points. If they are not the spy though, the spy reveals, and they score points.

Regardless of the result, the round is over, and the next round begins. If the majority does not vote yes, then play continues and the person who initiated the vote can no longer accuse until the round is over.

Spy Reveal

At any point during the game, except when a vote has been initiated, the spy may reveal and try to guess the location. If they are correct they score points, but if they are incorrect then no one scores points this round and the next round begins.

End of Round

After 15 minutes the round ends, and the spy can no longer reveal. Starting with the player whose turn the timer ended on, players take turns making an accusation and voting against someone. During this time the accuser may give supporting evidence and the person accused can defend themselves.

After arguments are made a vote is initiated after each accusation, and if there is a majority and the majority wins then the person reveals. If they are the spy, then non-spies win and score. If they are not the spy, then the spy wins and scores.

If the vote does not have the majority then the next player to the left makes an accusation. This continues until a vote succeeds or the accusations make it back to the original player. If this happens there are no more accusations and the spy wins and scores.


After the designated number of rounds has ended, scores are compared and the player with the most points wins! Points are given by completing certain actions.

A spy earns points by doing the following. They earn 2 points if no one is successfully accused. This means that the whole game has been played without them or another player being accused of being the spy and voted to reveal. This is the least common way to get points. They earn 4 points if they correctly guess the location. This means the spy stops the clock while no one is being accused and picks the location they believe everyone else to be at. Finally, they earn 4 points if another player is accused of being the spy and must reveal. This means if another player is accused and voted for by most of the other players they must reveal their role. If they are not the spy the real spy gets the points.

Non-spies earn points if they successfully accuse the spy and vote for them to reveal. How many points each player earns differs though. If you were the player who started the accusations by stopping the clock and accusing the spy, then you earn 2 points. Everyone else, who is not the spy earns 1 point.

Nakoa Davis

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