Star Crossed

OBJECTIVE OF STAR CROSSED: The objective of Star Crossed is to create a beautiful story about two star crossed lovers.


MATERIALS: A rulebook, 54 stacking bricks, event cards, and character sheets  

TYPE OF GAME: Romantic Role-Playing Board Game



Star Crossed is a romantic themed role-playing game where the players create characters who are madly in love with each other but for some reason cannot be together. It is a game of character creating and dual storytelling. 

The thing that sets it apart from other roleplaying games though, is there is not a game master of any kind, just two people telling their story together, and the only game mechanic is a stack of blocks. 

Star Crossed is a beautifully sleek design of a role-playing game, requiring minimal if any outside resources and still provides an enchanting storytelling mechanic. And since the storytelling is up to the players it can be as PG or as explicit as you allow making a fun game for all ages.


Star Crossed has a pretty simple set up. You stack the 54 blocks in alternating lines of three until all blacks are used. Then the rest of the setup is just creating your characters with each other.

Together you’ll figure out how your characters fell in love, what keeps them apart and finally make your personal characters using the provided character sheets.


The gameplay for Star Crossed is simple so that you can craft a beautiful story together. You and your fellow player will tell bits of story, use event cards and remove blocks from the ever more precarious stack. 

The game is set up that once the tower falls, no matter how soon into the story, the players will finally act on their love and the story will come to a climax. 


I love Star Crossed. If you love role-playing games and the drama of creating a forbidden romance than it’s certainly the game for you. It mixes elements of real-life into the game, as in to keep your characters calm and in check, you must remain calm as well. It’s a fun whimsical way to tell a quick steamy or dramatic story with a partner or friend. It’s probably not a game you would just pull out for game night, but it is a game that will be replayed several times.


The game of Star Crossed is a role-playing game, and as with most Role-playing games, the rules are the game. This means that even without purchasing the game if someone knew the rules, they could play Star Crossed. Thankfully though Star Crossed can be purchased as both a PDF file version and a full board game including the stacking blocks. Please go support the fantastic creators of the game if you can. 


The game ends when both players must confront their feelings for each other. This makes the players finalize the climax of the story and end the game. 

Nakoa Davis