TEMPURRA rules title

OBJECTIVE OF TEMPURRA:  Be the player with the fewest indigestion tokens at the end of the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 – 7 players

MATERIALS: 72 dish cards, 17 action cards, 6 indigestion cards, 15 indigestion tokens, 1 play direction token, 1 rulebook

TYPE OF GAME: Card game




Tempurra is a card game from Iello that features hungry cats eating a lot of sushi.  In this game, players are trying to play matching cards to the discard pile while also avoiding indigestion cards in the deck.  These indigestion cards act like bombs. As soon as one is drawn… kapow! The round ends.



Out of the box, you get seventy two dish cards that are numbered 2 – 7.  There are seventeen action cards including five choose the next player cards, seven plus one dish cards, and five reverse the direction of play cards.  There are six indigestion cards that act as bombs.  As the game progresses, more indigestion cards may be added to the deck.


TEMPURRA gameplay

Set the indigestion tokens and the play direction token on the table for all players to access.  Separate the small deck of indigestion cards from the dish card deck.  Shuffle the dish card deck and deal five cards to each player.  After the deal, shuffle one indigestion card into the deck.  Place the deck face down in the center of the table as the draw pile.


Whoever goes first in Tempurra chooses one card and plays it face up to begin the discard pile.  Play then passes left.  The next player has four options.

SERVE A DISH – Serve a dish by playing one card from your hand onto the discard pile.  The card you play must match the number of the top card of the discard pile.  For example, if the top card is a 4, you must play a 4.

EAT A MOUTHFUL – Eat a mouthful by drawing a number of cards equal to the sum of the dish cards in the discard pile.  Reveal those cards.  For example, if the discard pile cards are 2,2,3,4, you draw eleven cards from the draw pile.

After you draw the cards, reveal them to your opponents.  If an indigestion card is revealed, the round ends immediately. (see ENDING THE ROUND for more details)

Add all non-indigestion cards that you drew to your hand.  This includes all dish cards and action cards.  Take the discard pile and place it aside.  Choose one card and begin a new discard pile.

PLAY AN ACTION CARD – You can play an action card on top of any dish card.  There are three action cards.  The +1 card adds one dish card to the total.  Think of it as a 1 card that is wild.  The reverse card changes the direction of play.  The choose card allows you to choose which player must go next.  Play continues from that player once they are done with their turn.

SKIP A DISH – Skip a dish by playing two dish cards of the same number.  Place one of the dish cards on top of the discard pile and place it aside.  Use the other dish card to begin a new discard pile.  

If you ever begin your turn with no cards in hand, draw three and take your turn as normal.


As soon as a player draws an indigestion card, the round ends.  That player takes an indigestion token.  All players keep their hands.


Shuffle the indigestion card (or cards), the discard pile, and the current discard pile back into the deck.  The player who collected the indigestion token can choose to add one additional indigestion card to the deck.  That player also begins the new discard pile with one card from their hand.  Reset the play direction token to clockwise for the new round if needed.


Tempurra is over as soon as one player collects their third indigestion token.  At that point, whoever has the fewest indigestion tokens wins.  If there is a tie, the player with the most cards in hand breaks the tie and wins.

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