OBJECTIVE OF THE GREAT DRAGON RACE: The objective of The Great Dragon Race is to reach the Finish spot before any other player.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Playing Board, 56 Playing Cards, 4 Dragon Characters, 4 Legend Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAMEDrafting Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


Each player takes up the role of a great dragon rider. They compete against one another, attempting to win the great treasure and a place in dragon-racing history. By using strategy and their hand of cards, the players will race across the board. Block other players’ actions, but don’t forget to dodge attacks in the process.  


Begin setup by placing the board in the center of the playing area. Each player will then choose a dragon and a rider to represent them throughout the course of the game, ensuring that they collect their Card Legend. All playing pieces are placed on the Start potion of the board.  

The cards are shuffled together, and each player is dealt four cards. The remaining cards are placed face down in the middle of the playing area, within reach of all players. This will be the drawing deck. The player on the dealer’s left will begin the game, with gameplay continuing clockwise around the group.  


To begin a turn, a player will pick up enough cards to make their five-card hand. Players may then choose one of three ways to advance across the board. They can play a numbered card from their hand. If they play a card that has their insignia, then they are permitted to play another card, allowing them to move further along the board. They will move the number of spaces equal to the number of the card.  

Players may also choose to play three of a kind, which allows them to move to the next watering hole. Three of a kind must be played at the same time in order to work. Finally, a player can choose to play a social card from their hand. If they do this, all players have to follow the instructions found on the card. Players that are at a watering hole do not have to participate.  

A player’s turn comes to an end after they have played their chosen card(s) and moved their dragon. The player to the left will begin their turn. If the draw pile ever becomes depleted, then everyone’s discarded cards are shuffled and used as a draw pile.  


The game comes to an end when a player reaches the Finish spot on the board. The player who did so, immediately wins.  

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