OBJECTIVE OF THE PLOT:  Build all eight foundation piles up in ascending order


NUMBER OF CARDS: 104 cards

RANK OF CARDS:  (low) Ace – Ace (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire



The Plot is a double deck solitaire game in which the starting foundation cards are determined at random, and the first foundation pile must be completed before the others can begin.  Although the circumstances for this game sound difficult to overcome, there is still a high chance of winning.  


The Plot uses a 104 card deck.  First, deal the 13 card reserve pile.  Do so face down and flip the entire pile over so the top can be seen.  The rest of the cards in the reserve should not be seen.  Deal the next card from the deck as the first foundation.  This card determines the starting card for the rest of the foundation piles.

For the tableau, deal twelve cards in three rows of four.  The rest of the cards make a draw pile for the game.


A player’s first objective is to build up the first foundation to a full 13 cards.  Foundations are to be built in ascending order without regard to suit.  If the first foundation card is a 7, build the pile up through the King until it reaches 6.  Again, suit does not matter here.  Only after the first foundation pile is complete can the remaining foundations be built  The rest of the foundations can be built simultaneously.  

Draw cards from the top of the draw pile one at a time and play them to the tableau or foundation.  If the card is unplayable it is placed face up on the waste pile.  Continue play until the game is won or blocked.  There is no redeal.

The top card of the reserve is always eligible to be played on a foundation.  Tableau piles are to be built in descending order with no regard to suit.  Any foundation cards uncovered before the first foundation is complete must be placed on the waste pile.  In spaces in the tableau must be filled with a foundation card from the draw pile or top of the waste pile.  Once the first foundation is complete, spaces in the tableau can be filled with any card from the waste pile or stock.


The game is won once all eight foundations have been built to 13 cards.  If the game becomes blocked, it is lost.

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