OBJECTIVE OF TOWER OF BABEL:  Be the player with the most points at the end of the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 3 players

MATERIALS: 52 card deck, 3 Jokers, one 6 sided die

TYPE OF GAME: Card game



Each round, players are trying to win points by playing the highest card.  Points are determined by the value of the die showing.  If a player wins consecutive turns, they earn even more points for each round won in a row.


Tower of Babel requires a standard 52 card French deck, 3 Jokers, and one 6 sided die.  


Separate the deck into its four suits.  Give each player one of the sets of thirteen cards as well as one Joker.  Place the die in the center of the playing space.

Cards rank from 2 low up through Ace high. The Jokers have a special function.


Play begins with each player choosing a card from their hand and simultaneously showing it.  The player with the highest card becomes the Builder of the Tower.  They take the die from the center of the table and place it in front of them with the 1 side showing.  A player can only score points while they are the Builder and the die is in their control.

Play continues with players choosing cards and playing them simultaneously.  If the Builder wins the round, they receive points equal to the value showing on the die.  For example, if the first Builder wins the second round, they would earn 1 point.  After winning, they increase the die by one.  It would now be sitting with the 2 showing.  If the Builder wins again, they earn 2 points.

In the event of a tie due to players choosing cards of the same rank, the Builder wins, earns the points showing on the die, and increases its value by one.  If there is a tie while the die is in the center of the table, no one becomes the Builder, and the die remains in its starting place.

The Builder loses their title if someone plays a higher card than them.  The player that won the round takes the die, places it in front of them, and resets it to 1.

During a round, when only one Joker is played, the Builder loses their title, and the die is returned to the center of the table.  If more than one Joker is played during a round, it is a tie, and the Builder wins.

Play like this continues for fourteen rounds.


The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.  If a player manages to win a round with the six showing on the die, the game ends, and they automatically win.

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