OBJECTIVE OF TRASH:  Be the first player to have the Ace – 10 face up  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 6 players

NUMBER OF CARDS: 52 cards 

RANK OF CARDS:  (low) Ace – 10 (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game



Trash is a simple game often enjoyed by children.  Players are trying to get all of the cards in their layout to be in order from Ace to 10.    


For a two player game, use one standard 52 card deck. For a game with 3-4 players, use two decks.  A game with 5-6 players should use three decks.

To determine the dealer, each player takes a card from the deck.  The player with the lowest card deals.

Collect the cards, shuffle thoroughly, and deal ten cards to each player.  Those cards should remain face down.  The player organizes the cards into two rows of five.  The top row represents spaces for A – 5, and the bottom row represents 6 – 10.  The rest of the deck is placed in the center of the table and becomes the draw pile.

In this game, Jacks are wild.  Queens and Kings are stop cards that end a turn.


Starting with the player on the left side of the dealer, that player draws the top card from the draw pile.  If it is an Ace through Jack, they should place it face up in the correct position on the layout.  For example, if they drew a 4, it should go in spot number four on the top row.  A Jack may be placed in any available spot.

The card they drew replaces the card that was face down in the layout.  That card is looked at and placed in the correct spot in the layout.  This continues until the player can no longer place cards in their correct location.  When a player can no longer place a card on their layout, they discard it to end their turn.

The next player then draws from the draw pile or the discard pile, and they repeat the process until they can no longer place cards in their layout.  

Jacks are wild and can be placed in any spot on the layout.  Alternatively, a Jack that is taking a spot in the layout can be replaced with the true card that belongs there.  That Jack can then be moved to a new spot on the layout.  

If at any time a player draws or exposes a Queen or King, that card is discarded and their turn ends immediately.  


Once a player successfully has all ten cards in their layout, the round is over.  The cards are collected and a new round begins.  The winner begins the new round with nine cards instead of ten.  Their objective is to get A-9 on their layout.  Everyone else is dealt ten cards again.  Rounds are played until one player only has one card in their layout.


The first player to have only one card in their layout and fill it with an Ace or Jack wins the game.

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