This deck is all about outlasting the opponents.  There is a focus placed upon recovering cards from the burn pile.  Black Panther benefits from being attacked by an enemy, so it is wise to hold onto danger cards until there are cards to recover from the burn pile.  This ability is coupled well with his Wakanda Forever wild card which let’s the player defeat an attacking enemy immediately. 

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Vibranium Armor – When you defeat an Enemy, recover 2 cards.   


Wakanda’s greatest warrior has longevity.  His wild card powers place a significant focus on recovering cards from the burn pile.  He also offers limited protection from skips through Vibranium Claws.   

Vibranium Claws – No Skip Cards may be played by anyone until the start of your next turn. 

Wakanda Forever – Defeat an Enemy who is attacking you. 

Energy Dagger – Recover 4 cards.  All other players recover 2 cards. 

Kinetic Absorption – Choose a player to add 1 card.  You recover 2 cards. 


Black Panther’s pack of enemies will quickly escalate the conflict as most of them force players to burn cards or skip a turn.  With these baddies in the Danger Deck, players will want to keep an answer for dealing with them in hand. 

Klaw – When flipped, burn 2 cards.  While attacking, at the start of your turn, flip a danger card. 

Killmonger – When flipped, burn a Wild Card from your hand and then add 1 card.  While attacking, when you play a Wild Card, add 1 card. 

Baron Zemo – When flipped, burn 1 card.  While attacking, when you play a Wild Card, burn 1 card. 

Morlun – When flipped, skip the next player.  While attacking, you cannot recover cards. 


The events that come along with Black Panther’s character deck are all generally helpful to one or more players at the table. 

Rejuvenate – Recover 2 cards. 

Jolt – All players with Enemies attack add 1 card. 

Trip Up – Skip the next player. 

Flee – If an Enemy is attacking you, discard it from play. 

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