OBJECTIVE OF UNTANGLE: The first player to complete two of their pattern cards wins 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 6 players 

CONTENTS: 7 bulbs from each color, 6 bubble bulbs, 5 broken bulbs, 18 pattern cards 

TYPE OF GAME: Set Collection Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6+ 


Untangle is one of the eleven bonus games that come with Christmas Lights Card Game.  It uses some of the contents from the original game, but the game is unique. 

In Untangle, players are trying to sort the bulbs in the knot in order to match their pattern cards.  On each turn, players will get to perform one action with the hope of arranging the bulbs to their advantage.  If the player creates an arrangement that matches their pattern card, they score!  The first player to match two mattern cards wins. 


Shuffle the pattern cards and deal three to each player.  Opponents should not see each other’s cards.  Next, shuffle all of the bulb and bubble bulb cards together.  Do not include the broken bulb cards.  Deal 10 bulb cards face up and side by side in a row.  This row is referred to as the knot.   

Shuffle the broken bulbs in with the rest of the bulb deck and deal three to each player face down. 


The youngest player goes first.  Each player may perform one of the following actions on their turn: swap, exchange, draw, discard, or place. 


The player swaps 2 pulp cards in the knot.  The next player cannot swap them back. 


Exchange one card from the player’s hand with one from the knot 


Draw a bulb card from the top of the deck.  This card is added to the player’s hand.  That player then places one card from their hand to either end of the knot. 


If the player does not want their current hand, they may discard it and draw three new cards. 


A player may place a broken bulb card from their hand on top of any bulb in the knot.  Both the broken bulb and the card that was covered are removed and placed in the discard pile.  Close the gap formed by sliding the bulbs together. 


After a player performs their action of choice, they check to see if they can score any sequences.  If there is a sequence in the knot that matches one of the player’s pattern cards, those 5 cards are removed from the knot and discarded.  That player reveals their pattern card and leaves it face up.   

Replace the removed cards by drawing five new ones and placing them in the knot.  Any broken bulbs drawn at this time are discarded.   

If the draw pile ever runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and place it face down as the new draw pile. 


The player who completes 2 pattern cards first is the winner. 

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