OBJECTIVE OF WEREWORDS: The objective of Werewords is to complete your hidden agenda according to your hidden role.


MATERIALS: One , Card, One Seer card, Two Werewolf cards, Seven Villager cards, One Correct token, One So Close token, Ten Maybe tokens, Thirty-six double-sided yes/no tokens, and a mobile device with the app downloaded.

TYPE OF GAME: Hidden Role Game



Werewords is a game of expansive vocabulary, knowing your friends’ minds, and backstabbing. 

The game starts with three groups: The mayor, the villagers and the werewolves. The only known role is the mayor and the mayor is still secretly on one of the previously mentioned teams. To win Werewords, well it depends on whose side you are on.

There are a few different objectives in Werewords. If you are a villager your objective is to either correctly guess the word or correctly guess the werewolf. If you are the werewolf, you want to either prevent the guessing of the word and not get caught or guess who the seer is.

As the mayor, you are either a villager or werewolf. If you are a villager, you are trying to navigate the other players to the correct words so that they can guess it. If you are the werewolf you are trying to steer the villagers away from the word, even lying at times to keep them from guessing, but be careful, make it too obvious and you’ll get caught.


To set up Werewords, the mayor, seer, and werewolf (2 werewolves for 7 or more players) cards are removed from the box along with as many villagers as needed to equal your group plus one. So, in a 5-person game, they’ll be one mayor, seer, and werewolf and three villager cards.

These cards are shuffled and then laid out in front of each player, the remaining card goes in the middle of the table for the mayor to take. The mayor reveals their card and takes the secret role in the middle of the table. 

The yes/no, maybe, so close and correct tokens are placed in front of the mayor as well as the mobile device. 

The mayor starts the app and places it in the center of the table.


Night Phase

The app will direct all players to close their eyes, and then the mayor will pick out their secret role and chooses the word that will be guessed in the game. The mayor then closes their eyes and the Seer is directed to open their eyes. They get to see the word the mayor chose, then they will also be told to close their eyes. Finally, the werewolf will be directed to open their eyes and the werewolf gets to see the chosen word and is also told to close their eyes.

The app will then direct everyone to open their eyes and the day phase begins.

Day Phase

The day phase is timed to be 4 minutes long. As soon as everyone is told to open their eyes the timer is started. Players may then as the mayor questions about what the word may be (i.e. Is it bigger than a bread box?) the mayor then hands out tokens to answer the questions how they see fit. This continues until the word is guessed, the mayor runs out of yes/no tokens, or the timer runs out.

If players wish to guess the word, they have to phrase it as a question, like, “is the word dresser?” or in a similar fashion.

If the timer runs out the villagers can no longer guess the word but can still win.

If the tokens run out then the timer is stopped, again the villagers can no longer guess the word but can still win.



The villagers can win one of two ways. They can guess the word correctly before the timer runs out or if the word wasn’t guessed they can try to guess who the werewolf is. 

Guessing who the werewolf is, happens after the timer runs out. The app gives you a few moments to discuss then a count down. At the end of the countdown, you must point at a player other than yourself you suspect of being the werewolf. The player with the most votes (in a tie both players) reveals their card and if they are the werewolf (or any of the tied players) the villagers win.


The Werewolves win if the villagers didn’t guess the word in time and did not find a werewolf in the vote or if they can correctly guess who the seer is after the word is guessed. 

If the word is guessed the werewolves are given a moment by the app to discuss then a count down happens. The player with the most votes or both if there is a tie reveals their card. If they found the seer, the werewolves win.

Additional Roles

The Beholder

The beholder is an additional role that is allowed to know who the seer is but not the magic word. The villagers still win if the werewolves pick the beholder out while looking for the seer.

The Minion

The minion gets to know who the werewolf is but not the magic word, but unlike the beholder, if he is voted as a werewolf the villagers still win.

Nakoa Davis