OBJECTIVE OF THE CHAMELEON: The objective of The Chameleon is to unmask the Chameleon without giving the secret word away. If the player is the Chameleon, then their goal is to blend with the other players and attempt to figure out the secret word.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 8 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Clear Sticker, 40 Topic Cards, 1 Custom Card, 1 Marker, 1 8-Sided Die, 1 6-Sided Die, 2 Chameleon Cards, 14 Code Cards, and an Instruction Sheet 

TYPE OF GAME: Hidden Roles Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


The Chameleon is a bluffing deduction game for the whole family! Each round consists of two different missions, depending on what role you have chosen to play. If you draw the Chameleon role, your goal is to stay secret from the others, determining the secret word before you are figured out. If you are not the Chameleon, then you must attempt to figure out who the Chameleon is without giving away the word! The roles are determined by the game, but the results are determined by you! 


To begin setup, shuffle the Chameleon card into the set of Code Cards. Deal one card to each player, face down. These are the cards that will determine each player’s role in the game. The player that becomes the Chameleon needs to ensure that they do not give away that they are the Chameleon.  

The game is ready to begin.  


The dealer will begin the game by revealing a topic card for all the players to see. They will then roll the blue and yellow dice. The numbers from the dice will lead all of the players to coordinate found on the Code Cards that they have. They are then able to use this coordinate to find a secret word on their Topic Card. The Chameleon must blend in during this time and play along.  

Beginning with the dealer, all of the players will then take a turn to say a word that is associated with the word on their Code Card. Once everyone is ready, the players will move in a clockwise direction around the group saying their associated word. Players are able to repeat words. The Chameleon has to choose wisely so that they do not seem suspicious.  

After all the players have stated their word, they will begin to debate on who is the Chameleon. The players can argue that anyone is the Chameleon, and when ready they will vote by pointing at whoever they think is the Chameleon. Whoever earns the most votes has to reveal their card and identity. If the player is not the Chameleon, then the Chameleon may continue to play. If it is the Chameleon, then they will have one chance to guess at the word before they lose.  

If the Chameleon guesses the word and remains secretive, they score two points. If they are caught, then everyone else scores two points. If they are caught, but they guess the word, then they only score one point. The dealer for the next round is the Chameleon from the current round. The players will shuffle the cards together and deal them again, beginning the new round.  


The game comes to an end whenever a player wins five points. This player is determined to be the winner.  

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