OBJECTIVE OF WINDMILL:  Get all the cards onto the five foundations 


NUMBER OF CARDS: 104 cards

RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – King (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire



Windmill is a double deck solitaire game that requires players to get all of the cards onto five foundation piles.  There are four secondary foundations that will begin with a King and be built in descending order regardless of suit.  There are eight reserve piles.  Following the strictest rules, a player cannot play more than one card in a row from a King foundation, but the game is more enjoyable if that is allowed.


Prepare the layout by removing one Ace from the deck.  Place it in the center of the playing space to begin the primary foundation pile.  Place eight reserve cards, two on each side of the Ace.  These resemble the blades of the windmill.  As the first four Kings turn up, place them in the corners of the windmill and build them in descending order regardless of suit.  The rest of the deck becomes the draw pile.


The Ace foundation is to be built up continuously in ascending order regardless of suit.  Once a player builds the pile from Ace to King, it is continued with the next available Ace and so on until 52 cards are in the foundation.  King foundation are to be built in descending order regardless of suit.

Begin by analyzing the reserve cards.  Move any available reserve cards to the Ace or King foundations.  Immediately fill reserve card spaces with cards from the draw pile.  Once no more plays can be made, begin drawing cards one at a time from the draw pile.  If the card cannot be played, it is placed in the waste pile.  The top card of the waste pile is always available for play.  Once the waste pile is started, use it to fill reserve card spaces.  

Once a King’s foundation pile has been built down to an Ace, the pile is complete.  No more cards may be added to it.  The top card of a King’s pile is available to be moved to the Ace foundation, but more than one card is not allowed to be moved in a row.  After moving one card from a King’s foundation, the next card played to the Ace foundation must come from somewhere else.  


Once the Ace foundation has been built up in ascending order to 52 cards, and four complete King foundations have been constructed, the game is won.  There are no redeals.

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