OBJECTIVE OF WISH SOLITAIRE: Successfully remove all of the cards from the tableau


NUMBER OF CARDS: 32 card deck

RANK OF CARDS: 7 (Low) – Ace (High)

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire

AUDIENCE: Kids to adults


Wish Solitaire is a fun little way to pass the time.  This game is entirely based on luck.  It is believed that if you make a wish and win the game on the first try, your wish could come true!  So make a wish, shuffle the cards, and give Wish Solitaire a try.


Wish Solitaire uses a portion of a standard fifty two card deck.  You will only play with the 7’s up through the Aces.  Shuffle the cards and deal eight piles face down.  This is your tableau.  Each pile should have four cards.  The final card on each pile is flipped face up.  Be sure to make your wish before you flip up the top cards to ensure the best chances of it coming true.


In this game, you will remove cards by pairing them up.  Only cards that are face up may be removed.  For example, if two tens are showing, remove those two tens and flip over the next cards in the stacks.  If there are three matching cards face up, you must choose two of them to remove.  You may not remove three cards at once. 

Play like this continues until either all of the cards have been removed, or no more matches are available.  If you are able to remove all of the cards, congratulations, your wish might come true!

If you would like to make this game a little more interesting, grab an opponent and a second deck of cards.  Play Wish Solitaire simultaneously and see who has the most luck! 


As a single player card game, a player who removes all of the cards wins.  In a multiplayer game, the player with the fewest cards remaining wins the game.

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