OBJECTIVE OF WITCHSTONE: The objective of Witchstone is to have to have the most victory points when the game comes to an end. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 10 Owl Tiles, 15 Special Hex Tiles, 12 Owl Counters, 4 Position Markers, 28 Crystals, 80 Energy Units, 1 Player Aid, 40 Scrolls, 4 Big Witch Figures, 21 Magic Chips, 4 Animal Markers, 44 Small Witch and Wizard Figures, 4 Screens, 60 Hex Tiles, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Grid Coverage Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


The Witchstone has the strongest energy field throughout the land. With the help of your cauldron, create spells and create a network of magic energy around the stone. Witches will be sent out with the goal of spreading your magic across the land farther than any of the other magicians. Each player only gets eleven turns to collect the most points.  


Setup of Gameboard  

To setup the gameboard, place the board in the center of the table. Form two different, ascending piles of owl tiles. The scrolls are shuffled and placed face down on their assigned space of the board. The hex tiles are mixed and placed in the middle of the pentagon. Finally, the magic chips are mixed and placed on each of the locations in the crystal ball.  

Setup of Players 

To setup the players, begin by having the players choose a color to represent them throughout the course of the game. They will then collect the screen, cauldron, 15 hex tiles, 20 energy units, 3 owl counters, 1 marker, an animal marker, and 6 crystals that match their chosen color. Players will randomly draw five hex tiles from their pile, placing them behind their screen.  

Each player should then place one owl counter on the zero space of the board, a second one on the marked space of the Pentagram, and the final one on the hilt of the Wand. Finally, the first player will be the last player who cooked something in a pot. The player found to the right of them will place their witch onto one of the tower spaces, signifying that this is their chosen tower.  

The next to last player will place their witch on a tower that is not occupied. Each of the players with a placed witch will collect two victory points. The game is then ready to begin!  


The first player will start the game by choosing a hex tile and placing it over two empty spaces on their cauldron. Some of the spaces have actions printed on them, and these are not able to be covered when the players are placing their hex tiles. Crystals cannot be covered by hex tiles either.  

When the players place a hex tile, they may complete the two actions found on their tile. Gameplay will continue in this manner, with each player placing hex tiles and completing actions, rotating around the group. After 11 turns, the game comes to an end. By the end, none of the players should have no supply remaining, and they should only have four tiles remaining. 


The game comes to an end after eleven rounds of gameplay, and each player should have only four hex tiles remaining behind their screen. The players will then score their owl tiles, magic trips, and scrolls. The player with the most victory points at the end of the game, wins!  

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