A Not So Random Post About Roulette Payouts

Listen, we know we’re a card game site and the majority of you are here because you like to play card games. But I’d guess that you like to play more than just card games… am I right? I mean if you’re anything like us, you probably just like games in general. So taking that assumption to heart we figured we’d post every now and again about various games outside of the cards we so love and cherish.  That said, this week we’re going to teach you about Roulette payouts, can I get a Woot Woot !??

Roulette is probably the most iconic casino table game and naturally receives most of the attention both in casino halls all over the world as well as online. There are countless movies where the star characters find themselves placing bets on one or more of the options that roulette has to offer. 

Nowadays, more and more players are looking for roulette and other table games in one of the many casino websites available online. Our best bet on Roulette in Canada would be Mansion. There, players can find at least a dozen variations of roulette games, among which; 3D Roulette, French, American or European Roulette. 

roulette board ball
What roulette looks like in case you didn’t already know


The rules of roulette are quite different to the rules for online slots games, but at the same time there are certain similarities. The first thing that the player needs to keep in mind is that they are both games of chance. This means that there is no real way to predict the outcome. Additionally, both games have specific payout multipliers, based on their outcome. In terms of differences, the most important one is that when it comes to roulette, the player can pick a specific number or a combination of numbers, while on slots one spins the reels and then everything will depend on Lady Luck.


Things are pretty simple, in whatever concerns the winnings a player will get if they predict the correct outcome at the roulette table. Each bet has a specific payout multiplier, which in its turn multiplies the sum of money, which the players place for their bets. Those who play for fun normally focus on simple bets, that have lower payout multipliers, such as bets based on colour or parity. There are of course those who are more experienced or confident and who decide to place bets on more complicated combinations, which have higher payout multipliers. Going for the big win can only come from picking the single number, on which the roulette ball will land on. 

roulette board payouts
Playas playing Roulette ya’ll


If you are looking for a way to potentially double your money, then roulette bets such as odds or evens and red or black as the best choice. These two types of bets are extremely simple and their winning chances are slightly less than 50% (because of the probability that the ball might land on the number 0). Many players place an amount on one of the two outcomes and double that amount on the second outcome in an effort to either win more money or at least cover a big part of their overall loss. Similar bets with a common or slightly lower chance of winning can be placed on low or high numbers, on columns and on dozens.


Roulette offers numerous number combination bets, which start with a payout multiplier of 5 to 1 for a combination of six numbers and finish with a payout multiplier of 17 to 1 for a combination of two numbers. Bets on many of these combinations can be placed both inside the main grid as well as on the designated off-grid areas around it. As for those who really want to go for the jackpot, then the option of placing a bet on a single number will come with a 35 to 1 multiplier. Naturally, the odds of that happening are under 3%, so it is easily understood that it will be extremely hard to predict the outcome, even if you are keeping a list with the so-called hot or cold numbers.