Blackjack scam you need to know about, but shouldn’t use it

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If there is money, there can always be cheating. The history of gambling knows many cases when cunning players invented ways to cheat each other. With the advent of conventional casinos, there was also cheating in gambling houses. Of course, the more reputable the establishment where the game is played the less will be the chance that there will be any trick used against you. Prestigious institutions simply don’t benefit from cheating their customers, since they’re already making money on fair play and have no reaso11n to risk their license or, worse, their freedom. Since these casinos know how to count money, cheating by the players is also prevented to the full extent by effective security services.

But where the casinos don’t take full care of security, loopholes are possible for those who want to profit from their negligence. And the same “casino one-dayers” do not mind to rob customers as much as possible for a short period of time of its existence.

And it doesn’t matter what the game is – poker, roulette, blackjack, slots or any other game. Only the methods of fraud differ, the goal is the same – to get the money of a “sucker” by deception. However, if you want to play online in a fair casino, you should definitely visit this site with slots – Now back to the topic.

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Blackjack and tricks used by dealers and players

Blackjack is a very popular game in the world. And, accordingly, players (as well as dealers) invented a few ways to cheat in it. Technically, Gambling house has better chances to deceive the player. Let’s consider first the methods of cheating customers at blackjack by unscrupulous casino operators:

  • Incomplete deck. The easiest way to worsen the player’s chances of winning is to remove some cards from the deck, most likely aces. This will reduce the number of blackjack combinations players have and, therefore, their chances of winning.
  • “Tricked” Shuffle. Before the game starts, making a shuffle, the dealer can use a simple technique to divide the deck into two parts, one with higher cards and the other with lower-point cards. And, either by knowing how the client trims the deck, or by making a false trim, the dealer gives only small cards into play, making the player’s situation worse.
  • “Special” dealer’s shoe. It is always possible to make a device that allows the dealer to draw one card or another at his discretion. A special system of mirrors and prisms prevents players from winning.
  • The dealer’s “mistake”. Actually, croupiers sometimes make a mistake, and the winning combination becomes a losing one. But it happens that these “sometimes” is not due to inattention, but out of a desire to rob the customer. Mostly it happens to players who are intoxicated and do not follow the game.

If you don’t want to be cheated in blackjack online games – you should play only on reliable casino websites like the ones we have tested and reviewed – new Aussie casinos 2023. They all offer great and legit blackjack games. Since all the methods described above cannot be applied by online gambling operators.

Players’ tricks

Players who increase their chances of playing blackjack card game unscrupulously use a variety of methods, from simple chip stealing to team games with the use of technical aids. Here are just some of the best-known cheating techniques:

  • Late Betting. A common way to cheat all games is to increase the bet when there is a winning combination and decrease it when there is a losing combination. That is, when a player has blackjack, he or his accomplices distract the croupier and put more money on the box.
  • Card Swapping. A very extravagant method of cheating that occurs at blackjack gaming tables. Especially in those casinos where a shuffle with cards is on an empty table with no supervision. The player comes to the table and, while the pit boss goes to call the dealer, he changes the deck of cards at the table (!) with the cards to a prearranged and calculated for the player’s win.

All of the above methods of cheating still have a place in troubled gambling establishments. However, we do not recommend using them to secure your winnings, because the consequences of their use can be extremely dangerous. This article is of an informative and precautionary character. We hope that with the help of the received information you will be able to secure your game.

Nakoa Davis