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For The Solo Player


I love card games, but there’s just one problem with them. Most of the time they require a group of people to play. There are, however, tons of Single-player card games to satiate your card game needs, even when you are alone. These solo card games usually revolve around you, the player completing a goal either by luck or strategy. I know what you are thinking, aren’t all Single-player card games just solitaire, but no. There are lots of amazing card games to play alone besides solitaire. 

That is not to take away from solitaire in any way though. Solitaire games are some of the best Single-player card games, and there are so many different versions that you do not have to feel as though you are playing the same game again and again. 

All Single-player card games can be great fun, and though there will never be one that’s a replacement of playing a game with a group of friends, that doesn’t mean these games can’t be great fun and enjoyment for those willing to learn and try them out.

Below is not a full list of our single player games, but a few of our favorites! If you would like to see all of our single player games try this link here.



Solitaire is the one player card games every person first things of when asked about card games for one. That’s because it’s classic, popular and has so many different variations it feels like you are playing a different Single-player card game every time. There’s also a certain level of strategy that comes with these types of Single-player card games that you can’t get from other card games.

Pyramid Solitaire is one of the more classic single card games out there. The rules are really simple, demolish the pyramid by making pairs of cards that sums add up to 13. You win when the pyramid is completely disassembled. This is one of the simpler card games for 1 player, but it’s still a tone of fun.


SOLITAIRE, Elevens, title

Elevens is one of my favorite card games to play alone. It’s one of many one-person card games with one deck but it’s got such a different concept to it. To keep it simple, the cards are dealt, 9 cards in 3 rows. Pretty similar to some other single person card games, but then you start making matches that add up to 11. You may only use the cards in your 3×3 grid and can replenish from the rest of the deck once matches are removed. Sounds easy but it’s one of the more deceptively tricky 1-person card games out there.

While it does share some similarities to another Single-player card game called Bowling Solitaire, the layout is different, and the sum is different as well for this game. Elevens is won once all the cards have been pair and discarded, including those from the discard pile as well. If at any point you can no longer make a legal pair, you have lost the game. There are also some special rules and circumstances pertaining to some cards and parings that you can check out on the full Elevens game instruction page. 



Tri-Peak Solitaire is one of the solitaire card games to play by yourself on my list. It’s super fun and maybe one of the best solo card games in my opinion.  For an individual card game, it gives you something that most other card games for one person lack a bit of. Competition. It’s something that makes the game one step above other Single-player card games because even if you are not competing against another person, you are competing against the game, and let me tell you, it is some stiff competition.

Tri-peak solitaire starts you off with three “peaks” basically pyramids but facedown. There is a final row of faceup cards connecting them and this is where your game starts. The point of this Single-player card game is to remove cards to reveal other cards until you have revealed and discarded all the cards from all three peaks. You remove cards by discarding cards that are only one higher or lower to the previous card discarded. This is a very strategic game, making for lots of great fun.


SOLITAIRE, Portraits, title

Portraits is the final of the 1 player card games on my list.  It is a Single-player card game that only takes about 15 minutes as well, so it’s a great game to play if you are just waiting on friends to finish a game so you can all start a new one.

The goal for Portraits is to collect all the face cards of the deck or the “portraits” as they are called. The set up is easy. The deck is shuffled and then one at a time, cards are drawn to make a public sales row of five cards, then you may draw 5 assets cards. If any face cards are pulled during this step, they go into the private collection row. Now you buy things from the sales and private collection rows by discarding cards the hold a greater value than the purchased one. The game is won when you have all 12 portraits or can no longer make a valid sale.



Klondike solitaire is a solitaire game. The goal of the game uses standard solitaire rules that the foundation piles must have the cards ranked ace to king.

to win the game you must get all the entire deck, including the remaining cards from the stock pile into the foundation piles int eh correct order. This is the most commonly played solitaire game, making it a classic.


SOLITAIRE, Little Spider SOLITAIRE, title

Little spider solitaire is a solitaire game that requires you to make strategic decisions and stick with them. To win this game you must complete the foundation piles. Two ace to king and two King to ace.

This game is special because one a pile is empty, these empty spaces cannot be used. Also one a card has been places in a foundation pile it cannot be moved. You can also use the aces as a card ranked lower than 2 but also higher than king when moving them around the tableau columns.


Games are great, even when all you have, to play with, is yourself. There are tons of playing card games for one and even 1 player card games beside solitaire that are incredibly fun and challenging.  Even if you are not thrilled by the idea of playing card games by yourself, these card games for 1 are a blast. 

There is no replacement for the fulfillment and joy that comes with having a big group of friends and playing games for hours on end, but at least with the games about you can scratch the card game itch even if you don’t have the luxury of 4 or more friends. 

This concludes my list of card games for one player. If these Single-player card games interested you or you just love card games you can play by yourself, you can check out the other one-person card games on the rest of our site or visit to play solitaire online. 


Are all single player games Solitaire games?

Not all of our games that are single-player are solitaire like games. We also have board games and other card games thata re single player.

Can you only play solitaire games by yourself?

NOt all of our single player games are solo games. SOme tof them can be played alone or with a group as well.

What kind of decks would I use to play these games?

A standard 52 card deck is the most commonly used, but if a game requires additional materials you can find those in the material section of our game rules.

Where can I find more single player games?

if none of these games catch your eye, or if you need more options, here you can find our full colelctions of single player games.