Drake’s Brand Partnership with Stake Casino

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In 2016, eventual Stake founders Bijan Tehrani and Edward Craven began working together developing games for other casinos. They founded a company called Easygo but quickly ended up forming Stake.com in 2017. An online casino with the unique selling point of being the first crypto casino. The brand has started to function in other currencies too. In the UK, gamblers can choose whether they want to stake in crypto or in GDP.

The company’s fast growth was thanks to a massive number of gamers that had an interest in cryptocurrencies and some very clever partnerships globally. In 2021, the company partnered up with the UFC. They also established endorsement deals with some legendary footballers like Sergio Aguero and Michael Owen. Stake is a new company that has grown at an incredible rate due to their astute selections of brand representatives. 

Stake offers more than just table games and a simple sportsbook. They have been placing an emphasis on live dealer games, coming out with an impressive range of games, created with that in mind. Some of the biggest developers in iGaming are partnering up with them. As well as stars in sports and entertainment. 

Stake VIP program 

The Stake.com VIP Club offers main incentives for its high roller players, with Stake’s support team or the bettors VIP host whenever the bettor reaches a new VIP level. VIP level up bonuses factor in a base amount per level and some extra depending on your most recent gameplay. Meaning, if you are having an unlucky day, you will receive extra on top of the base amount. 

Drake vs Stake 

Drake is a megastar with a reputation for enjoying a bet. A week before he announced his partnership with Stake, Drake was pictured putting down over $100,000 on a single spin at an Aria Casino high-stakes roulette table.

There are rumours that he has placed over $1 million on certain online casino games and he has always been very vocal about his strong interest in the crypto world. He called their partnership inevitable, and he was right. It was a massive coup for a young company, having someone with the global reach that Drake has is invaluable.

This isn’t Drake’s first rodeo in an ambassadorial role, he is the global ambassador for his beloved Toronto Raptors of the NBA. Posting sports betting receipts from Raptors games has become a regular fixture across his social media channels.

You can often spot him courtside enjoying a game, he’s even been spotted playing high-stakes roulette from his courtside seat. Drake also has a long history of sports betting on NFL and NBA games. Since Drake stepped into the crypto betting world, Stake has been tagged or had its logo appear in nearly every one of the artist’s gambling-related posts.

Drake’s Twitch Streams

Now that Drake is an ambassador and fully fledged Stake casino VIP, he is set to host several live streamed events as part of his partnership with the crypto casino, he has already held two. These events give Stake players from all over the world exclusive, live access to watch Drake’s gameplay. 

Whilst scoring himself some huge wins, Drake has been handing out huge crypto packages to players. In the two events held so far, a staggering $1 million worth of cryptocurrencies has been awarded on both occasions.  

The first event was live streamed through Twitch, which took place on May 26. It saw Drake surrounded by an entourage and wagering $500,000 per spin on a live roulette table. Just before his friend, guest and fellow rapper Lil Baby entered the room, Drake won a mammoth $17.9 mil on his lucky black 11. 

On July 11, good friend French Montana joined Drake for the second ‘Drake vs Stake’ event. During the stream, Drake scored two more eight-figure wins, which amounted to a staggering total of $24.9 million. 

Somehow, by the end of it, he was down to $2,000. He clearly hadn’t grasped the concept of cutting your losses. It’s obvious why he’s a Stake Casino VIP. Following the event, he gave out another $1 million worth of Bitcoin to be divided between the 100,000 Stake members.

Global Expansion

Drake isn’t the only focus of Stake’s marketing plan; they have been pushing the brand into the mainstream globally. Stake is the official front-of-shirt sponsor for both Everton and Watford FC. Sports betting in the UK is commonplace, so it is a strong market to get a hold in. Going further afield, Stake launched a separate venture, Stake News. 

In August 2022, it became the primary sponsor of Mumbai City FC in India. Stake also signed a deal with Volleyball World to become the official sponsor of the International Volleyball Federation Men’s League in Osaka, Japan. Stake is expanding its reach all over the globe and appears to show no signs of slowing down. 


Nakoa Davis