How Popular is Online Roulette in 2020?

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games out there and for great reasons. For starters, it’s simple to play. You don’t need to push buttons or deal with complex rules. Instead, you select a number from 1 to 36 and bet on it. 

A dealer then spins the roulette wheel and throws a small ball in there. When the spinning stops, the ball lands on one of the numbers. If it’s the one you had wagered on, you walk away with money.

Truth be told, roulette isn’t one dimensional. You don’t have to bet on one specific number. Or play the same roulette like everyone else. The game comes in many forms and shapes. And for these reasons, it will probably continue to be one of the best casino games to play.

That said, below are the reasons why online roulette is played by millions of people online.

Multiple Variations

Roulette has a long history that dates back to 17th Century France. It was invented by accident—its inventor was a scientist attempting to create a wheel with perpetual motion. Instead, he created roulette.

Originally, roulette had numbers 1 to 36. But to get an advantage over players, casinos added the number zero (0). Still, some operators were not contented and added another pocket with two zeros (00).

  • Single Zero—European roulette
  • Double zero—American roulette

Interestingly, the differences between European and American roulette are significant. For example, the house edge of American roulette (5.26%) is nearly double that of European Roulette (2.7%). 

Speaking of house advantage, there’s a third roulette variation with an even lower house edge: French roulette (1.35%). It features a single zero pocket and has two unique rules you should know about. 

The first rule—En Prison—dictates that when you place a 50/50 bet and the ball lands on zero, the casino imprisons your stake. Then it gives you another free bet. La Partage also involves 50/50 bets like black/red or odd/even. But when the ball lands on zero, you get half of your stake back.

With that in mind, there are types of online roulette:

  • Mini roulette
  • Progressive roulette
  • Lightning roulette
  • Triple Zero roulette

Easily Available at Casinos

When most people visit online casinos, they find games that are easy to play and win. In many ways, roulette fits that description. As we mentioned earlier, it’s pretty simple to play. And since it’s a game of luck, there’s always a chance you will win.

Most casinos provide the two most popular variations of the game: European and American roulette. However, features a list of online casinos with more variants. What’s more, these are casinos that give you welcome bonuses to play the game free of charge.

Of course, you don’t join new casinos solely for their freebies. Take time to find a reliable website. Choose a site that’s easy to use, available on your iPhone and supported by your favourite payment methods. 

Lots of Bet Types

Betting on one number in roulette sounds simple. But it’s not the only way to make money with the devil’s game. And truth be told, it’s not the easiest way to win. Here’s why. 

The odds of getting one out of 36 roulette numbers correctly are 2.7%. In comparison, the odds of getting one colour (black or red) correctly are 48.6%. The difference in odds is huge. That said, the payout rates also differ widely.

But before we talk about payout rates, here are more of the types of bets you can make in roulette:

  • Odd/even
  • High/low
  • Dozen bets
  • Corner bets—numbers forming a square
  • Split numbers—e.g., 13/14 or 25/26
  • Column bets
  • First five numbers
  • Street—Three numbers

Now unto payments, games with low odds of winning tend to have the highest payout rates. For example, straight-up bets (1 to 36) payout at a rate of 35 to 1. In contrast, even money wagers payout at 1 to 1. 

Dozen bets—you wager on the ball landing on one of 12 numbers—pay 2 to 1. On the flip side, two-number splits pay 17 to 1 while three number bets pay 11 to 1.

Roulette Bonuses

As we mentioned, some online casinos treat roulette players like royalty. Not only do they welcome you with freebies; but they also award you points you can later redeem for bonuses or free money.

Should you grab roulette bonuses? It depends. If it’s an offer that can help you with real cash, then you should take it. If it doesn’t lead to actual money, it’s worth little. So, how do you find a good roulette bonus?

Read in between the lines. When you get bonuses from several casinos, compare their values. For example, check at the amounts. Naturally, you want to lean towards the most generous packages.

After checking bonus amounts, find out the qualifications. Maybe you need to deposit $50 to earn $25 at one casino and $50 for $100 at other websites. Of course, you’ll pick the latter. Another rule regards how you can convert bonuses into real cash.

In many casinos, you must meet 10x to 40x wagering requirements (WR) to withdraw the bonus money. Look for bonuses with the lowest number of WRs. Additionally, ensure your bonus withdrawal limit is decent.

Live Casino Roulette

Live casino roulette is a reasonably new addition to the game that’s growing popular by the day. It involves playing roulette in a live setting: you set up a web camera and you can then see and interact with dealers or other players.

Live roulette is getting popular because people love to socialize. They also like the competitive nature of multiplayer gaming. Additionally, some live roulette games have much higher payout rates.

Take lightning roulette as an example. It works like a game show in which there’s a host while players are the participants. Its most unique feature is that it comes with a highlighting feature that could magnify your wins 500x. And for that reason, everyone wants to play it even though it doesn’t have the best odds.