How To Set Up A Game Night

How to set up a game night
Or At Least How To Get People To Show Up

A game night can seem like an impossible task, but it is no more impossible than say a night out at the bar. Adults can be flaky, it just comes with the territory, but you don’t have to let that prevent you from orchestrating something that’s bound to please everyone. There is no real secret, but there are some tips and tricks to help you get your new budding idea off the ground.


The worst part of the experience, and probably where most game nights go to die, is the planning stage. It requires you to make some big choices, but I promise in the future you will be happy you did.

The first thing that needs to be planned is the schedule. This is where most people have trouble, because in all honesty there is no way you are going to be able to find the perfect time for all your friends. The best way to do this is just to put your foot down, don’t consult anyone and don’t change it because someone complains; whether you choose for it to be weekly on Saturday night, bi-weekly on Monday morning or whatever conglomeration you make, do not back down, this will only make it harder to get people to take it seriously.

The next stage of planning is who will be there. This is not a VIP event and don’t make it that way, invite friends, invite friends of friends, the more people you ask the better your chances are of having a successful first night, which is key. Knowing how many people will come will also help knowing how to set up the various other parts of a game nigt.


You may think I’m being dramatic, but I mean it when I say, the first game night will make or break your ability to run another. There are bound to be some issues as with every party or event, but the catch is you can’t let it ruin the night. People will bail, games will be too confusing, and people might not be into it, just don’t let this affect the fact that you and everyone else should be having fun.

The most important part of the game night is the games. For a first game night, you might want to choose a game that is easier to learn, and play, we don’t want to overwhelm anyone. Don’t just bring one game either, bring multiples, some longer some shorter, that way, no matter what the mood, there will be a game for everyone. Put the word out too that people should bring their own games as well, but just remind everyone that we might not get to play everything, but there’s always next time!


If you find your game night has failed, or you just don’t like the idea of hosting every time, find someone else’s game night to crash. The best way to ensure a constant game night for yourself is to go to an already established one. Game stores are great places to search for a game night, and this lets you meet new people and experience games you may have never gotten the chance to play!

Just remember whatever happens you are supposed to be having fun. Whether you set up your own game night, join someone else’s or just play casually as the need arises, don’t forget why you chose to play in the first place.

Nakoa Davis