Looking back at the 2020 Boom in Online Poker

2020 was an eventful year, with many positives and negatives. Many businesses saw a decrease in their revenue due to the Covid19 pandemic; however, niche industries driven by technology grew. One such sector is the online poker industry which saw rapid growth during this period.

Online Poker reached record levels from March to May 2020. They have since stalled a bit however the overall momentum has not entirely faded. Over the years, Poker has become a fast-evolving sector that has, on many occasions, made the most out of negative situations by adapting quickly. They have done this by coming up with new projects, attracting new players and more importantly getting entrepreneurs to invest in the industry.

Real Money Online Pokers Popularity

Many factors have contributed to the overall popularity of online Poker globally. Tournaments and online cash games saw a 30% growth rate in 2020, giving online Poker a considerable boost and adding to the boom. 

The year also began with some top-class poker events which created a considerable buzz amongst Poker Aficionados. Added to this was the fact that due to lockdown, players had no access to land-based casinos hence they had to play online from their homes or mobile devices. It is said that many of the original land-based players will continue to enjoy the convenience and comfort of playing Poker online, which means the audience for this game will keep increasing.

Currently, there are over 10 million active online poker players across the world, and it is considered a game played by intelligent individuals. However, many younger people are now playing online Poker as many see it as a status symbol, further adding to the appeal of the game. 

Nowadays, the online world of poker tournaments is plentiful, which attracts more players due to ease of access and increases the number of cash games and exposure to the game. Many Poker rooms also started extensive marketing during the pandemic. GGPoker is an excellent example of a Poker room rising from the ashes and taking the Poker industry by storm. 

Benefits of Lockdown

Lockdown certainly assisted in the online Poker industries success, and seasoned Poker players made and continue to make good money for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the number of online players increased, and some players were typically new to Poker and inexperienced, which made it easier for veteran players to win large sums of money by playing against a populace of weaker players, which is especially true in the United States. Players in New Jersey for example, wanting to try the game for a first time during the lockdown will have simply searched basic terms like nj poker sites and dived right in. Given this influx of new punters, the seasoned players from established markets like states where online betting has been legal for years are able to capitalise and increase their winnings.

Online Poker is also inherently a social game which allows players to chat with the dealer and fellow poker players, and this also added to the boom because people were craving social interaction. 

Last but not least was the lack of sporting events being played and televised, so sports bettors had to turn to other avenues for their betting fix. Poker offers bettors the same emotional feel of betting on a rival or against one, and for many players, Poker was the first card game they ever played at a casino.

How New Players have added to the Poker Boom

The year 2020 has attracted existing as well as new players since they now have the time to learn and understand the game. Many have been curious about Poker, but with other entertainment and more comfortable betting options, players have chosen to steer away from Poker as it’s a game of strategy and can be quite daunting for a beginner who has never played Poker before. This has subsequently changed, and more players are turning to online Poker for the very first time.

Is this Boom Sustainable?

As previously mentioned, online Poker has boomed in 2020, and the big question is whether operators will be able to maintain continuous high levels of interest, especially when sports events and betting returns to normal.

There is no doubt many players will return to their previous betting habits. Still, savvy operators are sure to keep many of their new acquisitions engaged long term by offering further bonuses or specials in their Poker Rooms. This can be achieved with smart marketing approaches and placing a lot more focus on Poker Tournaments with bigger cash prizes to maintain retention.

Will this Online Poker Boom Last?

There is talk about a second Poker Boom in 2021, but nobody can predict if this will occur.  Many players have depleted their bankrolls, unemployment has increased, and many countries are resisting going into lockdown again. On the other hand, there have been some upward trends in specific markets in November of 2020, and this is due to a new wave of localized lockdowns in certain countries and seasonal trends which may continue throughout 2021. If lockdowns are extended online, Poker traffic could once again skyrocket, leading to a second boom which is starting to show in Europe.