Microsoft Solitaire 30th Anniversary – The Game We All Played

This past May 2020, the first Windows game ever celebrated its 30th birthday with more than 35 million users playing the game to set a new world record of “most Microsoft Solitaire finished in one day”.

One of the most played games in the world, especially during the early 1990’s; it was originally conceived to teach users how to use the mouse with the Windows 3.0. Grabbing and dropping the cards and moving them around was one of the best methods to get people accustomed to this new and amazing technology. 

The game has been known as the Windows Solitaire, and I think most of us still call it that. After the Windows 8 launched in 2012, it is now named the Microsoft Solitaire. The game can be found on more than a billion PC’s. 

The original solitaire is also known as Klondike and rose to popularity in the late 19th century. The name derives from the Canadian region where a gold rush happened. It is believed the game was created or popularized by the prospectors in the region. 

Solitaire is a logic-based game, excellent for exercising the juices in your brain. Maintains thinking skills sharp and improves problem-solving. Learning how to play the real deck game is even more beneficial to your cognitive brain. 

Creator of the Solitaire for Windows

A Microsoft intern Wess Cherry, created the game with the help of Susan Kare who designed the graphics on the card decks. What’s funny about this story is that Chess created a “Boss Mode” easter egg into the Windows Solitaire to deploy a fake spreadsheet when a boss or coworker got near his desk. The secret code, however, was removed from the game before release. 

A pity, this little hack could have saved thousands of coworkers from getting caught when they got distracted from their work. Playing solitaire on the job became a serious problem back then, with one New York city worker getting fired by the major when finding his computer screen had a display of the game.

Microsoft Solitaire as an App

In 2012 the game was removed from the basic computer games to become a standalone app, receiving its first update in over 2 decades. The game can be found in 65 languages and now includes 5 games modes, daily challenges, competitive events, Xbox Live Integration, and several difficulty levels. 

This new revamped solitaire did not have the same appeal as its vintage predecessor, mainly because it could no longer be found on the basic Windows games. People like apps better on their phones than on their PCs, so Microsoft returned the game to the computers with Windows 10 in 2015. OS platforms also began including the game which can now be found on Windows, iOS, Android, and online. 

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

The Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a modern app that includes all solitaire games developed by Microsoft and their online tournaments. It includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Pyramid.

Daily Challenged are a series of challenges arranged in collections and packs that you can unlock by earning stars. 

The Star Club is an additional challenge that works with the same methodology but goes beyond the daily challenges. 

Players can select their theme for the game and play live with the Xbox. Earn achievements and XP to unlock new exclusive themed and collect cards, play with your friends, and rise on the leader boards. Track your records and statistics. With your Microsoft account, you can play your stored progress on any device.  Plays on a touch screen and allows users to customize the deck with their photos. You can take screenshots or save video clips of best plays. 

The Microsoft Solitaire is a classic we all enjoyed in a boring class or those lazy hours at work. There are even more solitaire games than Microsoft offers however, give Bowling Solitaire and Elevens a try.

Nakoa Davis