Apples to Apples

OBJECTIVE OF APPLES TO APPLES: Win the game by earning enough Green Apple cards

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4-10 players

MATERIALS: 749 Red Apple Cards, 249 Green Apple Cards, Blank Cards, Card Trays

TYPE OF GAME: Comparison



Apples to Apples is a fun party game that accommodates many players. Choose a card in a hand that best fits the description on the Green Apple card. Judge not, lest ye be judged! Each player has an opportunity to judge how funny, creative, or interesting the responses are.


Mix up Red Apple cards and evenly place them in the four wells of the card tray. Next, shuffles the Green Apple cards and place them evenly between the two shallow wells of the cards tray. Keep the tray on the table and move the box out of the way of gameplay.

Players must pick a first judge. This could be the oldest player, the youngest player, or chosen completely at random! The judge acts as the dealer, dealing each player 7 Red Apple cards, including themselves. Players must examine their hand.


The judge picks a Green Apple card from the tray and reads it aloud, then places it on the table face-up. All other players choose a red card from their hand that best described by the word printed on the Green Apple Card. Players hand their picks to the judge. A fun variant is the Quick Pick, in this variation the last player to submit their card to the judge is out of that round, and their card is automatically returned to them. The judge shuffles the Red Apple cards and reads the responses aloud to the group. Whichever response the judge likes best wins that round, and whoever played that card receives the Green Apple card for that round. The Red Apple cards used in the round are discarded and players replace it with a fresh Red Apple card from the card tray. The role of Judge passes to the left and the rules repeat. This continues until one person wins the game by collecting the necessary amount of Green Apple cards as described below:

Number of Players                       Number of Cards Needed to Win 

4                                                               8

5                                                               7

6                                                               6

7                                                               5

8-10                                                            4



Apple Turnovers

Deal 5 Green Apple cards to players. The Judge turns over the top Red Apple card from a stack in the card tray. Players pick the best Green Apple card that describes the Red Apple card. The judge selects the best Green Apple card played.

Quick Pick Four

In a game of four players, players can play more than one card (maximum of 2). Players must place cards one at a time on the table. The first four cards set down are judged.

Crab Apples

Judge Red Apple cards based on how unrelated or opposite they are to the Green Apple card.

Big Apples

Players confident in their picks may bet Green Apple cards. If a player’s red card is picked, they win the amount of cards wagered. However, if the player’s lose the bet, their green cards are put on the bottom of the deck.

Apple Potpourri

Choose a Red Apple card before the judge picks or reads the Green Apple card. The judge picks the winning card as usual.

2 for 1 Apples

The judge picks two Green Apple cards for a round. Each player picks 1 Red Apple card they believe to be best described by the two Green Apple cards. The winner collects both cards.




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