OBJECTIVE OF BACCHUS: The objective of Bacchus is to be the player with the most Marnad Cards of matching color, scoring the most points. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 5 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Satyr Kidnap Scoring Reference Card, 36 Action Cards, 80 Maenad Cards, 3 Bacchanalia Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Drafting Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, has decided to throw the biggest party in the history of parties. As one of his most loyal satyrs, you must attempt to gather as many nymphs as possible to bring to the party. After all, this is the god of wine we’re talking about, and he will not settle for the meek, low-key party scene. The more alike the nymphs look, the happier he will be. Who will be his right-hand man when the game comes to an end? 


To begin setup, place three random Bacchanalia Cards out of the deck faceup on the table. The Kidnap Scorning Reference Card should be placed within view of all players so that they may reference it throughout the course of the game. Five random Maenad Cards are placed inside the box, removing them from the game.  

Each player is then dealt one card, ensuring that they keep it hidden from their opponents. This card will create the opening hands for the players. The rest of the cards are dealt on the left side of the Bacchanalia Cards, ensuring that they create five columns that consist of fourteen cards each. The cards should be slightly overlapping one another. The top card will be referenced as the bottom of the columns.  

All of the Action Cards are then shuffled, keeping them separate from the other cards. Each player is dealt three of them. The rest of the cards are placed in the center of the table, face down. The game is then ready to begin! 


Throughout the course of the game, the players may move the Maenad Cards in various ways. The cards can be moved to one of the Bacchanalias with an Action Card, they may be added to the player’s hand, or they can be kidnapped when an Action Card is used. During their turn, a player may choose to draw a new Action Card, use an Action Card to kidnap Maenads, or use an Action Card to send Maenads. The players may only complete one of these three actions during their turn.  

When a player chooses to draw an Action Card, they will add it to their hand, completing their turn. If they choose to move Maenads to a Bacchanalia instead, they will choose the top two to three cards out of one of the five columns, depending on what number is found on their action card. They will then send them to an assigned Bacchanalia as found on the Action Card that they used. 

 If they decide to use an Action Card in order to kidnap a Maenads card, they will collect the top card that has a Satyr on them from each column. The players have to make sure that the Action Card that is being used has a Satyr symbol on them in order to kidnap Maenad Cards.  

Once the player has completed their chosen action, their turn comes to an end. The game will continue in this manner until all of the cards have been exhausted. 


The game comes to an end when four of the five columns have been exhausted of their Maenad cards. The players will then reveal all of the cards that they have in their hand to determine the winner.  

The player that has the highest number of Maenad cards of one color will win all of the points that have been assigned to that color in each of the Bacchanalia. The players will then tally their points, and the player with the most points, is determined to be the winner! 

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