OBJECTIVE OF CHALLENGE:  Have the fewest points at the end of the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 – 5 players

MATERIALS: Two double six domino sets, two D6 dice

TYPE OF GAME: Domino, bluffing



Challenge is an awesome combination of dominos and the card game I Doubt It.  In this game, players roll dice to determine which dominos should be played.  Players either play honestly or bluff in order to get rid of all the dominos in their hand.  Don’t get caught bluffing!  Players with a poor poker face will find themselves adding dominos to their hand.


Place all of the dominoes face down in the center of the table and give them a good shuffle.  Each player takes eight dominoes, and the rest are placed off to the side to form the boneyard.


The game begins with the first player rolling both dice.  Following the throw of the dice, each player can choose to play one or two dominos face down to the center of the table.  

Single dominos should match the roll exactly.  For example, if the player rolls a 2 and a 6, players should play the 2/6 domino.  

If a player chooses to play two dominoes, they should be able to connect in such a way that the two ends match the roll.  So, if a 2 and a 6 were rolled, a player could play the 2/4 and the 4/6 dominoes. If connected to form a 2/4:4/6 train, the ends would be a 2 and a 6.


A player does not have to play any dominoes to the center of the table.  However, if they do not have one or two dominoes that actually work with the dice roll, the player may bluff.  Be careful!  There is a penalty for bluffing and getting caught.

If a player does not want to play or bluff, they simply say pass.  If all players pass, the round ends, and the dice are passed to the next player.


Once the players have either played or passed, it is time for the challenge round.  Beginning with the player that rolled the dice, that player may either pass or declare a player is bluffing.  If the player was actually bluffing, the bluffer puts the one or two dominos played back in their hand.  They must also take that many dominos from the player who calls them out.  If the player being judged was being honest, the player that challenged them collects the challenged tiles and adds them to their hand.  They also take that many tiles from the player they challenged.

If a player does not want to challenge anyone, they simply pass.

Any dominos not challenged are removed from the center of the table and added to the boneyard.  Nobody may look at those dominoes.

Play like this continues until one player is able to get rid of all their dominos.  This ends the round.  Play one round for each player in the game.  The player that rolls first also passes left each round.


Players earn points for the dominos left in their hand.  Players sum up the total pip value of their remaining dominos and add that to their score.


The player who has the fewest points at the end of the game is the winner.

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