OBJECT OF DIVABALL: The object of Divaball is to throw and catch a ball while doing more complicated dance moves.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Any number of players

MATERIALS: Two red cups per person, One wiffle ball, and Lots of beer

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game



Divaball is a drinking game for any number of players. The objective of the game is to have fun and get drunk, but not too drunk. Always play responsibly.


Everyone gets 2 cups. The first cup is filled with beer, the second cup remains empty. We will refer to something called “The Dance” in this description. This dance starts off as a simple spin, however as you add rules to the game, you can make the dance more complex.


One player places the ball in his/her empty cup, does The Dance, and tosses the ball to another player, who must catch it in his/her empty cup.

If bobbled and caught: Other players say “one”. Player that caught ball must do The Dance and then throw the ball to another player.
If caught cleanly (i.e. there is no bobble): Other players say “one”. Player that caught ball may throw the ball to another player before, during, or after The Dance.
If not caught: both the thrower and catcher must drink one drink, then play restarts.

On the second throw: players count “two”, drinks are now worth two, etc.
On the fifth throw: the thrower of the fifth throw will get to create a rule for the rest of the game (starting at the beginning of the next turn) provided the ball is caught.
On the tenth throw: the order of The Dance is reversed.
On the fifteenth throw: everyone must finish their drinks.

Refill drinks as necessary.

The dance starts as a simple spin. After the fifth successful throw of a turn, the thrower is able to create a new rule. Usually, these are additions/alterations to The Dance but other changes are permitted (such as how to score or end the game, drinking increases, penalties for spilling, etc.).

Some examples of additions to The Dance are: adding more spins, air humping, certain dance moves, verbal cues, closing your eyes will doing The Dance, etc.


The game ends either when a win condition is made and completed by a player, or players are thoroughly drunk and ready to end the game. As always please play responsibly.    

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