OBJECTIVE OF DRAGON’S GOLD: The objective of Dragon’s Gold is to be the player with the most points.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 6 Players 

MATERIALS: 18 Dragon Cards, 1 Market Card, 24 Player Cards, 24 Magic Object Cards, 6 Score Cards, 6 Player Screens, 6 Scoring Summaries, 1 Cloth Bag, 126 Treasure Tokens, 1 Timer, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Management Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


Each player has a team of knights, thieves, and wizards that they use to hunt dragons. They want their wonderful treasure. Slaying a dragon is the easy part. Splitting the bounty? Not so much. The player with the most points win the game!  


To begin setup, each player will collect two knights, one thief, and one wizard in matching colors and a player screen, allowing them to hide their treasures from the others. The dragon cards are shuffled and oriented in the middle of the playing area, forming the draw pile. The top four cards are revealed and placed in a row in the middle of the table.  

For every dragon that has been revealed in the center, the players should draw tokens from the token bag. The number of tokens should be equal to the number found on the lower left side of the dragon card. The market card is then placed in the middle of the draw pile, between the seventh and eighth dragons.  

The player who last slayed a dragon will begin the game.  


During their turn, players will attempt to slay the dragons that are revealed to them on the table. Whenever one is slain, the hidden treasure value is added to the tokens that are won. If the dragon is killed by only one player, then that player takes all of the points, and glory. On the other hand, if numerous players aided in killing the beast, then the treasure must be split.  

During their turn, players will send an adventurer to fight a dragon found on the board. Any player may attack the dragon, regardless of how many players are already doing so. The adventurers are placed faceup underneath the dragon’s card. When the attack value becomes greater than the dragons strength, then it is destroyed.  

If numerous players aided in killing the dragon, then the timer is started, and the players have a minute to determine how the treasure will be distributed between them. If the players are not able to come to a legitimate agreement before the timer ends, then the treasure is discarded.  

Wizards will split red tokens before any negotiating occurs. This is split evenly if there are numerous wizards, and if there is only one, then they will collect all of them. Thieves will get to steal one random token from behind the screen of a player of their choice. The thieves will go in the order in which they were played.  

When the market is revealed, the players may trade tokens with one another if they wish. They have one minute to complete this process. The game continues until there are no more tokens available and all of the dragons on the table are slain. 


The end of the game begins when the token bag becomes empty. Players can only attack the dragons that are revealed on the table, and they are not replaced when they are defeated. The players must divide the treasure that is placed on the card, since there is no more treasure remaining elsewhere.  

When the last dragon is slain, the game comes to an end. Points are then tallied. For silver pieces and red tokens, one point is earned for each piece. For gold pieces, three points are earned for each piece. The player who has the Black Diamond earns seven additional points. For all other five colors, the player who has the most will earn fifteen points if there are three players, twelve points if there are four or five players, and ten points if there are six players.  

The player with the most points wins the game. 

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